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The CCP starts the season with enthusiasm and new projects

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02.09.2008 17:54

The CCP starts the season with enthusiasm and new projects

At the plenary meeting of the Fan club Advisory Council (C.C.P.) on the 17th of August, the new directors Xavier Bagués and Patrick Auset were introduced and they also prepared the objectives and calendar for the fan club’s projects that were develop

Alfons Godall, the vice president, presided a plenary with lots of changes in which he confirmed he would assume maximum responsibility for all the fan clubs. He also announced the incorporation of two new directors, Patrick Auset and Xavier Bagués, to the Social Section, where their functions would be representing the Club at activities organised by the fan clubs and in which both have a lot of experience.

With reference to the fan clubs’ projects developed over the last two years he said there was still a lot to do and that he wants to get it moving quickly in every way in order to finish it off.

Godall also spoke words of encouragement and recognition for the Baix Llobregat delegate, Joseph Maria Profitós, who is recovering from a delicate operation in hospital.

Xavier Bagués made clear his enthusiasm for his new position: “I love the world of the fan clubs and I want us all to work side by side moving in the same direction”.

Calendar of meetings and projects announced

Once the new directors were presented, the spokesman for the Fan club Advisory Council, Antoni Guil, announced the calendar of meetings to be held during the season to study and approve the new projects of the fan clubs.

They divided the projects into work groups to make it easier to study and debate the proposals.
The CCP starts the season with enthusiasm and new projects
First touches put to the XXXIInd Worldwide Reunion
The delegate for Múrcia and president of the Totana Barcelona fan club, Juan Carrión, announced the first actions that are being carried out in preparation for the XXXIInd worldwide reunion in September 2009.

Carrión gave his colleagues the chance to put forward their proposals for activities they would like to organise during the Reunion.

To finish off, Edmundo Bazo, delegate for Madrid, explained the programme and other subjects to be discussed at the meetings with the representatives of other football clubs’ fan clubs in the A.F.E.P.E. Congress to be held on the 5th, 6th and 7th of September in Múrcia.

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