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Board member Borràs inaugurates two new Supporters’ Clubs

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15.05.2008 13:18

Board member Borràs inaugurates two new Supporters’ Clubs

The Paris 2006 Supporters’ Club and the Besalú “Can Quei” SC have been officially inaugurated by FC Barcelona Board member Jacint Borràs.

In a short but emotional ceremony, the Paris 2006 SC was inaugurated a year after Barça lifted the second Champions League trophy in the French capital.

The ceremony was presided by FC Barcelona Board member Jacint Borràs, who encouraged those present to maintain their fervour for Barça. Borràs was accompanied by former player Joan Torrent and by SC Consultative Council representative for East Barcelona Josep Guzmán.

IMG_1889.jpgThe SC president, Jaume Molist, welcomed all the members present including the representatives of the La Massana (Andorra), Pinar del Río (Cuba) and Caldes d'Estrac SCs.

A festive note was added by Rudy Ventura, who played the Barça anthem and that of the SC on his trumpet, created a lovely Barça atmosphere.

Besalú inaugurates its SC

The Besalú “Can Quei” SC was inaugurated on 11th May with a variety of activities. FC Barcelona Board members Joan Boix and Jacint Borràs, together with former player Julio Alberto Moreno, attended a youth match between FC and CE Besalú.

Later on, the local sports centre accommodated 250 Barça fans to celebrate this important event. The FC Barcelona representatives were accompanied by the president of the SC, Marc Vergés, the mayor of Besalú, Lluís Guinó, local councillors Jordi Padilla and Marta Serra and the representative of the Consultative Council for Girona South, Pere Freixa.

The Besalú SC was founded in February 2008 with credentials number 1874 and has its headquarters in the Can Quei restaurant.
Board member Borràs inaugurates two new Supporters’ Clubs

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