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Barça Sorli Discau turn the page (7-3)

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12.02.2011 19:56

Barça Sorli Discau turn the page (7-3)

Llorenç Tarrés

After losing to Igualada, Ferran Pujalte’s side got back to their winning ways at the Palau against a plucky but ultimately outclassed GEiEG.

Barça Sorli Discau turn the page (7-3)

Match stats
FCB Sorli Discau, 7
GEiEG, 2

FCB Sorli Discau (3 +4):
Egurrola, Torra (2), Ordeig, Borregán, Reinaldo (2)-starting five-, Páez, Panadero, Adroher (1), Carlos López (2), Sergi Fernández.

GEiEG (0 +3): Gascón, Farrés, Ros (2), Vives, Casadevall- starting five -, Figa, Gaspar, Ballart, García (1) and Sánchez.

Goals: 1-0, Torra, min 7; 2-0, Torra, min 8; 3-0, Carlos López, min 22; 4-0, Reinaldo, min 29; 5-0, Reinaldo, min 33; 5 - 1, Ros, min 38; 5-2 García, min 41; 6-2, Carlos López, min 47; 7-2, Adroher, min 48 and 7-3, min 48.

Referees: Molina and De la Hera. Blues for Barça’s Reinaldo and visitor Gaspar.

Venue: Palau Blaugrana.
2011-02-12_FCB_SORLI_DISCAU_-_GEIEG_006.jpgBarça Sorli Discau will be as glad with the win as they will be with the sensation that they have regained their form. Their performance against GEiEG got better as the game grew older, and it was two quick fire strikes from Marc Torra, the first of which was an absolute gem, that finally broke the deadlock against the visitors from Gerona.

Outstanding Egurrola

The Catalan then squandered a golden opportunity to make it a hat-trick before an inspired Egurrola produced two spectacular saves and then turned away a penalty. But Barça Sorli Discau never really lost control of the proceedings and from a superb counter attack, Carlitos López made it 3-0 shortly before the break.

Reinaldo’s instinct

2011-02-12_FCB_SORLI_DISCAU_-_GEIEG_015.jpgThe second half once again saw GEiEG giving it the best they had, but Egurrola was once again proving solid as a rock, and at the other end of the court, Reinaldo García produced two great goals to make it 5-0 and as good as settle the result. Barça eased off a bit from here on, and instead of one-way traffic it became more of an end-to-end match, with Ros finally grabbing the first consolation goal for the visitors (5-1).

Barça were relaxing too much, because García then found another goal for his team, and it was 5-2. But the home side sprung back to life, and Carlitos López made it six before setting up Adroher to make it 7-2. Ros scored GEiEG’s third in the final minutes of a game that had really been over for a long time.

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