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Roller Hockey

10.06.2008 22:58

League champions! (5-2)

Jordi Clos

FC Barcelona Sorli Discau have won the OK League by beating Reus 5-2 in the final game of the best-of-five series. It was a vibrant encounter, in which Barça’s effectiveness proved decisive.

Barça have won one of the most thrilling OK League final series for many a year, against a gallant Reis side. The final game was as intense as the games before, although this time Barça managed make things count in front of goal. Ordeig and David Páez scored crucial goals before and after the break to ease the path for Barça towards their eleventh title in a row. Masoliver and Borregán finished the good work, and the party atmosphere exploded at the Palau.

Barça straight down to work

Barça threw everything at Reus from the start, but it the visitors who had the first chance, when a 'Negro' Páez effort was turned away by Egurrola. Reus were clearly going to focus on long range strikes, while Paüls’ side opted for a combination game, with some delightful plays getting the ball up to the forwards.

David Paez breaks the ice

After the initial exchanges, David Páez put Barça ahead when he punched upon a Guillem Trabal clearance (min 9). Reus immediately responded, issuing their first warning with a Toni Sánchez free onto the post. Quim Paüls called a timeout to keep matters under control, but it didn’t work. 'Negro' Páez finished off a delightful play involving Gual and Sánchez to level affairs.

Psychological goal

QM3D7610.jpgThis time it was Barça’s turn to be invigorated by a conceded goal. With just 33 seconds of the half left, Mia Ordeig struck from afar, and found the back of the Reus net. The tension was heating up, and the interval was just the tonic to bring a touch of calm to a game that was brewing into a very nerve-racking encounter indeed.

Frenetic second half

Pedrito Gil missed a penalty almost as soon as the second half was underway, and Ordeig put the rebound onto the post. Half an hour into the game, and the Barça number 7 led a splendid move that saw David Páez make it 3-1. Barça would have preferred the edge to be taken off the game from that moment on, but Reus were adamant that that would not be the case. But as they pressed forwards, spaces were left in midfield that invited Barça to base their play on the counter attack. A flood of goals could have followed, but each side was saved by their respective goalkeepers.

Egurrola rock solid

Three exclusions complicated matters for the Barça coach, but with Egurrola on such form he need not have worried. Reus were thwarted time and time again, and when Masoliver put away a penalty, the game was won. The team from the south of Catalonia did gain some leeway with a Caldú goal, but they were up against a very experienced Barça Sorli Discau side bolstered by its amazing supporters, and if there was ever any chance of a miracle comeback, all hope for Reus was lost when Borregán made it 5-2. In yet another outstanding season of roller hockey, Barça have been crowned champions of both Spain and Europe!
League champions! (5-2)
Match details


FC Barcelona Sorli Discau (2+3): Egurrola, David Páez (2), Teixidó, López and Borregán (1) -initial fifth- Ordeig (1), Masoliver (1) and Vergés.

Alnimar Reus Deportiu (1+1): Trabal, Gual (1), 'Negro' Páez (1), Gil and García –initial fifth-, Toni Sánchez and Caldú.

Goals: 1-0, David Páez (min.9); 1-1, 'Negro' Páez (min. 21); 2-1,
Ordeig (min. 24); 3-1, David Páez (min. 30); 4-1, Masoliver (min. 44),
de penal; 4-2, Caldú (min. 45); 5-2, Borregán (min. 47).

Referees: Valverde and García.

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