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11.05.2008 19:06

The European League stays here (5-2)

Vanessa Forns

Barça Sorli Discau have held on to the title of European Champion having defeated Alnimar Reus Deportivo convincingly in the Palau Blaugrana by 5-2. Therefore the top continental trophy has stayed at home.

For the second year in a row, the team coached by Quim Paüls has lifted the trophy that credits them as roller hockey’s European League Champion. They did it in the best possible way: at home and with the unconditional support of their fans, who, in the last stages of the game turned the Palau Blaugrana into one big party. With this victory the roller hockey section of FC Barcelona adds to their list of victories what is now their eighteenth European Cup, the second since Quim Paüls took charge of the Barça bench.

Early goal

QM3D7688.jpgAs with all the games between FC Barcelona and Reus, the game was rapid from the start. While Quim Paüls team enjoyed long spells of possession, Manel Barceló’s were causing the first surprises in the goalmouth. But it was FC Barcelona Sorli Discau, through Lluís Teixidó, who went ahead first with only five minutes gone of the game. The ex-Reus player surprised Guillem Trabal with a powerful shot from the middle of the pitch.

Reus waited for the counter attack

QM3D7798.jpgTeixidó’s goal put a stop to the initial respect between the two teams, who from then on intensified their attacks causing a lot of coming and going on the Palau Blaugrana’s parquet. Despite this, it was Barça Sorli Discau who controlled the rhythm of the game, while Reus could only wait for a counter attack, which obliged the hosts to be very careful in defence.

Egurrola, on form

From these counter attacks, the team coached by Manel Barceló, forced Egurrola to shine with strikes from the likes of Caldú and Gual in the 12th minute, or another by Jordi Garcia, in the 13th. It seemed that, little by little the team from Reus was fighting back. In the sixteenth minute the referee blew for a penalty by Borregán on Caldú. Jose Luis Páez saw Egurolla stop his shot twice, on having to take a second shot from the rebound.

2-1 at half time

QM3D8340.jpgIn an unfortunate move, Reus Deportivo put the game back on level pegging when Toni Sanchez surprised the Barça keeper from behind the goal. After several occasions for both sides, FC Barcelona Sorli Discau marked up their second on the score sheet after David Páez, in the 22nd minute, recovered a dead ball in the box and overcame Guillem Trabal. In the 23rd, Masoliver didn’t manage to score from a direct free kick. It was still 2-1 at half time.

At the restart, both Barça and Reus were prudent as far as the rhythm of play was concerned. After several attempts in both areas, Manel Barceló’s team were given a direct free kick in the 31st minute when Borregán fouled Pedro Gil. The same player took the shot and even though striking the inside of one of the goalposts, the referees didn’t allow the goal.

‘Carlitos’ López. Maximum impact

Only a few minutes into the second half Borregán forced a penalty which ‘Carlitos’ López put away magnanimously putting Barça on the way to victory. With 3-1 on the scoreboard, Reus had to do something quickly. Barça, on the other hand had to maintain the serious attitude they had shown at every moment.

Teixidó and Borregán finish the game off

QM3D7822.jpgWith a two-goal advantage on the scoreboard, the side coached by Quim Paüls moved around the parquet in the Palau comfortably. Then in the 39th minute, the scorer of the first Barça goal, Lluís Teixidó, with a well-positioned shot, scored the fourth leaving things very clear for his team. With hardly any time to recover, Reus saw how their rival, through Borregan, scored the fifth after an incredible individual move.

Egurrola, faultless

QM3D8188.jpgIn the 44th minute, the ex-Barça player José Luis ‘El Negro’ Páez patched up the difference making the most of a good counter attack led by Toni Sánchez. In the space of two minutes, Manel Barceló’s team had two penalties to try and reduce the difference. Neither Toni Sánchez in the 45th nor Pedro Gil in the 46th were able to put it past Aitor Egurrola. There was no time for anything else. After a stretch of the game without much intensity and with the Palau Blaugrana converted in a huge party, FC Barcelona Sorli Discau proclaimed themselves Champions of Europe.

The European League stays here (5-2)

FC Barcelona Sorli Discau (2+3): Egurrola, Ordeig, David Páez, Teixidó, Borregán —cinco inicial—, Masoliver, Carlos López

Alnimar Reus Deportiu (1+1): Trabal, Jordi Garcia, Marc Gual, Pedro Gil, José Luis Páez —cinco inicial—, Xavier Caldú, Toni Sánchez, Jordi Molet

Goals: 1-0, Lluís Teixidó (min. 5); 1-1, Toni Sánchez (min. 17); 2-1, David Páez (min. 22); 3-1, Carlos López (min. 35); 4-1, Lluís Teixidó (min. 39); 5-1, Borregán (min. 41), 5-2, José Luis Páez (min. 44)

Referees: Lamela and Carvelho

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