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18.11.2008 21:01

Defending top spot (35-22)

Verònica Díez

Barça Borges once again won easily at the Palau, this time against Naturhouse La Rioja (35-22), and the win consolidates their lead in the Asobal League. The defence, goalkeeping and nine-goal hero Víctor Tomás were the stars of the evening.

The first half was well matched. Both teams made mistakes early on in front of goal. The second period was a very different story, being one of Barça’s finest displays of the season. Kasper Hvidt did brilliantly in goal and Víctor Tomás had a fantastic day as the side from Logroño was powerless to find a response.

As expected

BOLDSEN_IKER_NATUR.JPGManolo Cadenas had expected a tough battle against Naturhouse La Rioja, and so it was for the first twenty minutes. Barça struggled to play flowing handball, but luckily enough, their hosts were having similar problems. In the 24th minute, Iker Romero scored from seven metres to make it 12-8, the biggest lead until then, capping off a four-goal streak from Barça, and by the time of the break, the scoreboard was set at 14-12.


LOZANO_NATUR.JPGFC Barcelona Borges then played one of their best second halves of the season. They started with an amazing streak of 14-2, making the score 28-14, and there were still 17 minutes to play. Kasper Hvidt joined the party with four class saves, but it was Víctor Tomás’s goalscoring that really did the damage.

The Catalan just couldn’t stop getting it right, from the wings, on counter attacks or even from among the front line of players with some excellent goals. Juanín García also played a decisive role with seven goals of his own, and having built up a comfortable lead, it was just a question of hanging on, with Barça did professionally and skilfully, and the game ended 35-22.
Defending top spot (35-22)
Match details

FC Barcelona Borges (14+21): Hvidt, Tomás (9), Noddesbo (3), Nagy (3),Iker Romero (4, 3p), Boldsen (1) Ugalde (3), starting seven, Mikkel Hansen (4, 2p), Lozano (-) Garabaya (-), Ben Amor (1), Juanin (7), Losert and Jernemyr (-)

Naturhouse La Rioja (11+11): Torrego (Aguinagalde); Aguirrezabalaga (4), Belaustegui (2), Oneto (5), Vigo (1), Amargant (1), Stojanovic (1p), starting seven, Velasco (1), Parra (1), Gedeón Guardiola (-), Isaias Guardiola (2), Baskin (1p) and Gauchi (3)

Periods: 2-0, 4-2, 9-5, 9-8, 12-9,14-11; 17-14, 21-14, 27-14, 29-16, 31-19, 35-22.

Referees: García Fernández (Com. Catalán) and Pastor Gamon (Com. Catalán).

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