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05.11.2008 21:10

Asobal returns with a win (29-23)

Verònica Díez

The Spanish handball championship resumed after the break for European qualifiers, and Barça Borges got back to their winning ways against Antequera, 29-23.

FC Barcelona put the bad times behind them and got the better of a side coached by Antonio Carlos Ortega that only made it hard for the home side early on. David Barrufet played a decisive role, while Mikkel Hansen led the scoring with ten.

Little by little

QM3D2081.jpgIn the early minutes, Barça Borges failed to contain the opposition. The Andalusian side went out strong but it was only in the first ten minutes that they really managed to stay in the game. Boldsen’s goal to make it 4-3 set Barça off on a run, with Kogovsek scoring the next in the 14th minute, In the meantime, Antequera went seven minutes without finding the Barça net once.

The home side played it tight at the back and some class saves from David Barrufet kept things well under control. FC Barcelona Borges broke off on a 5-0 streak (12-4), with Mikel Hansen playing tremendous handball in the Barça offence. With every minute came another Barça goal and by the time the break arrived, it was 15-10 in their favour.

The same story

QM3D2044.jpgJuanín García took the weight of the team on his shoulders as the second half got under way, helped by an excellent all-round defensive display by his colleagues. Antequera did their best with a 3-0 streak, but that still left Barça Borges unfazed. David Barrufet strung together some more fine saves and also delivered some pinpoint passes back into the field to produce the kind of counter attacks down the wing that not even the explosive Michel Jahns was able to contain. Antequera were heading towards a defeat, the final Barça goal being an absolute delight from Mikkel Hansen.
Asobal returns with a win (29-23)

FC Barcelona Borges (15+14): Barrufet; Tomás (1), Nagy (6), Garabaya (1), Boldsen (1), Hansen (10, 3p.), Ugalde (1), starting seven, Noddesbo (0), Jernemyr (0), Lozano (0), Juanin (5), Ben Amor (0), Rocas (4) and Hvidt (p.s.)

BM Antequera (10+13): Xavi Pérez , Kogovsek (5), Cid (2), Lubej (0), Pérez Canca (0),Tribundza (1),Alexis Rodríguez (2), starting seven, Curkovic (0),Bustos (1), Jahns (6, 2p), Baena (1), Obradovic (4), Jorge Martínez and Jiménez (1).

Referees: Monge Arroyo and Gude Prego.

Periods: 3-2, 5-3, 7-4, 11-4, 13-6, 15-10; 18-14, 21-15, 23-17, 25-20, 26-21, 29-23.

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