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28.09.2008 19:35

Joint leaders (27-35)

Verònica Díez

Barça Borges is top of the Asobal League after beating CAI Aragó by 27-35. Barça were brilliant in all aspects of the game and after winning their first four League encounters are looking unstoppable.

After initially misfiring in attack, FC Barcelona got their game together and combined superb defence (David Barrufet was particularly effective in goal) with dangerous attacking. Hansen and Demetrio Lozano were also big stars this Sunday afternoon. The win makes Barça into joint league leaders Fraikin Granollers, four points ahead of Ciudad Real.

Unstoppable Barça Borges

The first ten minutes were evenly matched due to offensive errors by Barça Borges. The turning point game with goals by Víctor Tomás, Juanín García, Laszlo Nagy and Jesper Noddesbo, who put the Catalans ahead by 0-4 to achieve their first important lead (3-7). Good defence was now being matched by effective attack.

Brilliant Barrufet

Rubén Garabaya and Mikkel Hansen were lethal up front but the real hero was David Barrufet who made a total of 11 saves to keep CAI at bay. Nor could the home side take advantage of five penalties as only two were converted. Five unanswered goals then put Barça ahead by six (7-13) which was also the difference at half-time (10-16).

Win sealed

On the restart CAI Aragó came out all guns blazing and two goals put the scoreboard at 13-17. The Saragossa outfit believed they could get back into the game but Barça Borges soon crushed that idea as Demetrio Lozano again made the difference six at 13-19 and from then on Barça cruised it. The only alarm came in the 11th minute when Vatne made it 18-23. Once again David Barrufet made key saves, and the last few minutes were won 0-3 by Barça as Juanín García and Laszlo Nagy put the icing on the cake as the Catalans ran out winners by 27 to 35.
Joint leaders (27-35)

CAI Aragó (10+17): Stankovic (5), Pablo Hernández, Sorli (4), Arrhenius (4), Cartón (1p), Zaky (1p), Sorrentino (-) first seven, Vatne (5), Víctor Alvarez (1), Sifre (4,1p), Borges (2,1p), Lamadrid (-), Muiña (-) and Lapagne.

F.C. Barcelona Borges (16+19): Barrufet, Romero (1), Juanín (4), Lozano (6), Nagy (4), Tomàs (3), first seven, Noddesbo (3), Garabaya (5), Ugalde (-), Kasper, Nagy (4), Jermenyr (-), Boldsen (4), Hansen (5,2p) and Rocas (-).

Referees: García Fernández and Pastor Gamón.

Partials: 0-1; 3-3; 4-7; 7-10; 7-13; 10-16; 14-19; 17-23; 19-26; 23-29; 26-32; 27-35.

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