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20.09.2008 20:42

First two away points (21-36)


FC Barcelona Borges have won their first two points away from home this season. The azulgranas beat Keymare Almeria by 36 goals to 21. Cadenas gave youngster Alvaro Ruiz his debut.

Barça Borges comfortably beat their Andalusian opponents. Despite the final score, however, Almeria weren’t too far behind in the first half and were well capable of answering anything Barça threw at them. But the Catalans were a different side in the second half and proved more accurate in their shots and this proved decisive in the game. Alvaro Ruiz also managed to score on his home soil.

Strong start

FC Barcelona Borges started the game very strongly and quickly found themselves 0-3 up with Joachim Boldsen netting twice. Keymare Almeria responded admirably to this initial scare and were soon equal to Barça’s game. After 13 minutes they had clawed the score back to 7-8. However, goals from Victor Tomas and Jesper Noddesbo returned a three goal cushion to their team (7-10).

Nagy and Noddesbo: side by side

Laszlo Nagy and Jesper Noddesbo were the main stars during the first half. They both moved comfortably around the court and helped their team open up the gaps. They were the scorers in another three goal bout without reply, which put the score at 9-14. Mikkel Hansen and Joachim Boldsen were not far off their team mates. Hansen was one of the top scorers in the first half with four goals, the same as Nagy and Noddesbo. Next came Boldsen with three.

Almeria left behind

In a matter of nine minutes Barça Borges put themselves ten goals clear. Ruben Garabaya scored his third goal in a row to make it 15-25 and the visitors were looking unstoppable. Victor Tomas then extended the lead to 15-27 and once again Cadenas’ men kept Keymare scoreless. After finally finding the back of the net another four Barça goals without reply made it 16-31.

Debut for Alvaro Ruiz

Youth player Alvaro Ruiz was given his first team debut for Barça on Saturday. It was doubly special for the Andalusian as he not only debuted for the first team but he did so in front of his own ex-supporters on his home patch. As if that wasn’t enough he also got on the score sheet in the 26th minute, making it 20-35. His team mate Joachim Boldsen finished the scoring at 21-36.
First two away points (21-36)

Keymare Almeria: Hector Marcos, Guillaume Roche (3), Manuel Rodríguez (2), Adrian Crowley (2), Alejandro Criado (2), Javier Bertos (1), Juan José Ruesga (2), starting seven, Ismael Safiani, Aaron Moya, Alexanre Tiomentsev (6), Eloy Félez (1), Jose Pedro Da Cruz (2), Eloy González and Ricardo Amérigo.

FC Barcelona Borges: Víctor Tomàs (3), Rubén Garabaya (5), Venio Losert, Cristian Ugalde (2), Laszlo Nagy (6), Joachim Boldsen (3), Mikkel Hansen (7), starting seven, Jesper Noddesbo (7), Juanín García, David Barrufet, Iker Romero, Magnus Jernemyr, Albert Rocas (2) and Álvaro Ruiz (1).

Partials: 1-3, 3-6, 7-9, 9-13, 11-15, 12-19; 13-22, 15-25, 16-28, 18-32, 19-34, 21-36.

Referees: Pedro Vicente Fuertes and Antonio Martín

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