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07.09.2008 20:00

The first of the Cadenas era (25-26)

Verònica Díez (enviada especial) / Sònia de Alba

Barça Borges has won the Sabadell Atlántico Asobal Super Cup beating Ciudad Real 25-26. The strong, insurmountable Barça defence, with 6:0 and the excellent work of Kasper Hvidt in goals were the key to this first victory of the Cadenas era.

Manolo Cadenas and FC Barcelona Borges have won their first trophy of the 2008/09 season. Barcelona’s first handball team has beaten Ciudad Real in the XXIII edition of the Asobal Super Cup. Barça started with an aggressive defence, which Ciudad Real didn’t know how to counteract at any time.

The best defence

Barça Borges came out strong defensively. With Boldsen and Jernemyr running the show in Cadenas’s 6:0, Ciudad Real had serious problems getting shots on goal. The whole defence balance perfectly. Kasper Hvidt doesn’t cease to surprise and this Sunday he was outstanding in goals yet again.

The first ten minutes of the game was when the scoreboard was more evenly matched. Lazlo Nagy scored the first goal for FC Barcelona Borges and from that moment on Barça were never less than superior.

A comfortable distance

Jugada_Supercopa_Final_1.JPGJuanín García scored the 3-7, which gave a certain calm to the Barça side. The very same, thanks to a counter attack, made it 3-8.

Only Viran Morros gave Barça a fright when, in the 19th minute he made it 6-9. A partial of 0-3 left the scoreboard at 6-12. The exclusion of Boldsen and finally Laszlo Nagy unbalanced the Catalan side’s game. Luc Abalo and Viran Morros made the most of it to reduce the distance. FC Barcelona’s nerves in attack were latent in their play; they finally closed the first half with the score at 11-14.

Things get complicated

Ciudad Real came out with spark in the second half. A goal from Morros and another from Kallman left Talan Dujshebaev’s men only one goal behind Barça (13-14). The Barcelona players got back in with two goals from Albert Rocas in the sixth minute of the second half (14-17). The following minutes were a tug of war, until Jonas Kallman missed a throw from the far left. The ball hit the post.

Manolo Cadenas’s men didn’t fail though. The teams defence, with Víctor Tomás retrieving hot balls, they got a partial of 0-4 with only minutes of the game remaining. This almost sentenced the game (19-24). Juanín got the goal that meant a five-goal advantage.

Barça didn’t suffer with this advantage. Despite this, with Zorman and Urios as stilettos , the Manchegans got to within a goal (25-26). Viran Morros didn’t miss any throws from the six metre mark.

But there were only 2 seconds left to complete the 30 minutes. Barça Borges was able to start the campaign with the Super Cup.


- The thirteenth Super Cup

Photos: Asobal.
Photos: Asobal.
Match details

Ciudad Real (11+14): Sterbik, Laen (-), Kallman (3), Stefansson (4), García Parrondo (-), Metlicic (1), Zorman (3) – starting seven – Hombrados, Davis (1), Uríos (3), Abalo (2), Rutenka (4), Morros (5), Dinart (-)

FCB Borges (14+12): Hvidt, García (3), Garabaya (2), Nagy (4), Jernemyr (-), Boldsen (-), Rocas (2) – starting seven – Barrufet, Noddesbo (1), Tomás (1), Lozano (-), Ugalde (-), Romero (1), Hansen (-)

Partials (every five minutes): 2-4; 3-6; 4-8; 6-10; 7-13; 11-14 (half-time); 15-17; 17-19; 19-21; 19-24; 22-25; 25-26 (final)

Referees: Rodríguez Murcia i Muro San José

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