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04.04.2009 19:35

Lethal second half (29-37)

Verònica Díez

Barça Borges have won away to Alcobendas, 29-37. FC Barcelona were vastly superior against the Madrid based rivals in the second half, and Romero led the scoring with nine goals.

The home side managed to keep the pace in the first half but after the restart Xavi Pascual’s resolved affairs with an excellent defensive display and some terrific team handball led by an exquisite Iker Romero.

The win leaves Barcelona two points off the top of the table.

Early troubles

BM Alcobendas came out strong and started causing problems early doors. Damir Dukic was on excellent form and Barça Borges were kept firmly under control. It was 5-3 after seven minutes, and although Barça started getting their game flowing, a 4-0 streak for the home side took them by total surprise and things were looking very worrying indeed (12-8).

Romero into action

Iker Romero was the man who saved the day, with six first half goals that changed the course of the game. His first score made it 12-9 and then he and Víctor Tomás added a goal each to close the gap to one. It was soon 16 apiece before Romero made it 17-18 and Mikkel Hansen gave Barça a two-goal lead to take into the break.

Barça impose their game

The second half saw Barça come out in all their force. A 2-10 streak in 13 minutes suddenly saw them ten points ahead (19-29). Both the defence and attack were simply sensational at this point and every member of the team scored at least once, including Juanín García who returned from injury with three goals. The final stages of the game were more evenly matched, but by this point the Barça win was never in any kind of doubt.
Lethal second half (29-37)

Alcobendas (17+12): Mijatovic, Maki (2, 1p), De la Rubia (5), Djukic (5, 1p), Maqueda (2), Trives (1) y Tremps (4) –starting seven- Aldomar (ps), Vink (2, 1p), Gamboa, Nyokas (3), Suárez, Gamúz (3) and Liébana (2).

Barcelona Borges (19+18): Hvidt, Tomás (4), Jermenyr, Romero (9, 1p), Boldsen (3), Ugalde (2), Garabaya (3) - starting seven - Losert (ps), Juanín (3), Lozano (2), Nagy (4), Hansen (2), Rocas (4, 1p) and Oneto (1).

Periods: 2-2, 7-5, 11-8, 13-11, 16-16, 17-19; 18-22, 19-25, 19-29, 23-31, 27-34, 29-37.

Referees: Gude Prego (Basque Country) and Monge Arroyo (Catalonia).

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