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27.03.2009 22:30

In top gear (40-28)

Verónica Díez

Barça Borges have swept to a convincing win over Octavio Pilotes Posada in a fantastic night for Barça fans. The players coached by Xavi Pascual continue to improve and Romero was top scorer with 10 goals.

Barça continue to play at a high standard and the Galicians were put on the back foot right from the start. A partial score of 8-2 in ten minutes opened up a commanding lead for Barça that they maintained and even widened over the game.

Barça surge ahead

QM3D3269.jpgBarça controlled the game immediately and in the 10th minute were already six goals ahead. Seven minutes later, Iker Romero made it 14-7 before Octavio Pilotes Posada hit back with three consecutives goals in probably their best spell of the match. However, Barça continued to forge ahead and at the break led by 21 to 12. Kasper Hvidt in goal and Romero, with eight goals, were the stars of the first half.

More of the same

QM3D3149.jpgThe second half followed pretty much the same line as Barça increased their lead and Octavio gradually lost power. Barça coach Xavi Pascual changed things round a bit with Jesper Noddesbo and Demetrio Lozano joining the fun as Barça Borges stormed to a great victory.

In top gear (40-28)

F.C. Barcelona Borges (21+19): Hvidt (Barrufet, m.31); Rocas (7), Nagy (1), Oneto (2), Iker Romero(10, 3p), Hansen (4, 1p), Ugalde (3), starting seven, Jernemyr (0), Garabaya (1), Boldsen (1), Lozano (6), Noddesbo (4) and Víctor Tomás (1).

Octavio P.Posadas (12+16): Javi Díaz (Ballesteros, m.16 a 30); Macias (1), Polakovic (0), Crevatín (2), Mitrovic (0), Montávez (1) e Infestas (0), starting seven, Fernández Sedano (8, 1p), Gustavo Alonso (3), Martinovic (3), Prce (6), Tabares (4, 1p) and Bosze (0). 

Referees: Casado Fernández and Vera Avila

Partial scores: 4-1, 7-2, 12-6, 15-10, 18-12, 21-12; 24-15, 28-17, 32-20, 35-23, 38-26 and 40-28.

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