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10.02.2009 20:22

Pascual opens with a win (30-26)

Verònica Díez

Xavier Pascual made his debut as coach of FC Barcelona in Liga Asobal with a win as his team beat Keymare Almería in a game that saw the visitors play much better tan many expected.

The game against the Andalucian outfit saw Barça Broges not only have a new coach on the sidelines, but also new signing Marco Antonio Oneto playing. Pascual was keen to show that he has confidence in three of the Blaugrana star players in Álvaro Ruiz, Juan Saubich and Gonzalo Pérez.

Even encounter

Jesper Noddesbo opened the scoring for the hosts as Barça made a good opening, but their superiority did not last as Alméria levelled soon after and from then on it was a very even encounter. It was the away team in fact that showed what they were capable of and were led forward by Gregorio Borrego as he helped them to go three goals ahead at 4-7.

Then the Blaugrana were no on form up front and were unable to beat the opposition keeper while their opponents netted without reply. Eloy González made things difficult for the hosts’ defence from his position in the middle and his team.mate Alxandre Tioumentsev stood out for the Almería.

Turnaround begins

In the 18th minute Barcelona began to turn things around and found their feet in front of goal to take a 10-9 lead. Albert Rocas began to shine on the right and he helped change the dynamic of the encounter and pushed the Catalan outfit forward.

Taking the lead

Soon after a change of tactics saw Pascal’s team show even more going forward and Cristian Ugalde pushed forward and Oneto went on and showed what he is capable of by scoring two goals. Álvaro Ruiz also strengthened the team and those changes allowed Barça to take control and move into a 15-12 lead.

Better second half

The second half was a different story as Barça Borges were more organised in defence and more assured in front of goal as they slowly began to edge clear of their visitors on the scoreboard. Víctor Tomàs scored to make it 19-14 while Noddesbo continued doing well en route to his tally of seven goals.

Saubich scored the last two goals of the evening to give Barça a four-goal winning margin and give them their first win in the second half of the season.
Pascual opens with a win (30-26)
Match details

Barcelona Borges (15+15): Losert; Víctor Tomás (3), Lozano (1), Noddesbo (7), Boldsen (1), Hansen (4, 3p.), Ugalde (2), starting team, Jernemyr (-), Rocas (6, 1p.), Oneto (2), Alvaro Ruiz (2) y Saubich (2), Barrubet (p.s.).

Keymare Almería (12+14): Héctor Tomás; Criado (1p), Eloy González (4), Marcos (-), Roche (2), 'Chispi' Vázquez (6, 1p.), Safiani (1), starting team, Tioumentsev (8), Félez (2), Bertos (1), Ruesga (1), Amérigo (p.s.).

Referees: Alonso Poveda and Miret Pallarols.

Periods:1-2, 4-6, 6-9, 10-10, 12-11, 15-12; 19-14, 21-17, 23-19, 25-22, 27-23, 30-26.

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