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20.04.2008 19:37

Disappointed runners-up (31-30)

Verónica Díez (enviada especial)

FC Barcelona ended up as disappointed runners-up the Copa del Rey final, after a goal in added time by Kellman gave the Manchegan team victory.

It was just a second away from extra-time. Iker Romero had made it 30-30, but in the dying seconds a goal by Kellman gave the Manchegan team victory. Barça were unable to re-take the King’s Cup.

Little difference at the outset

DSC_8628.jpgThe game had started out with the score see-sawing between Barça and Ciudad Real. Barça were on top twice, in the third minute when Nagy made it 1-2, then seven minutes later when Iker Romero made it 5-6.

Ciudad Real build on their lead

From the 13th minute, Ciudad Real started to build on their lead, and Sterbik was solid in goal. Entrerríos made it 12-7, then five minutes from the whistle, Albert Rocas brought the score back to 18-15, and the first half finished at 19-15. Iker Romero and Demetrio Lozano had been Barça’s key players, with six and three goals respectively.

Lozano takes the first step

The first goal of the second half took four minutes to arrive, when Lozano made it 19-16. Ciudad Real were only able to get 2 goals in 10 minutes, being blocked out by Barça’s defence. A counter-attack from Juanín García brought the score to a draw (21-21), and another of his goals in the tenth minute put Barça in the lead for the first time in the second half

The great Rocas

DSC_8560.jpgThe last 20 minutes were intense. The blaugranes were solid and held on to their lead, but with ten minutes to go, Entrerríos put his side back in the lead at 26-25. In the final part, Albert Rocas was crucial, getting back to a draw twice, at 26 points apiece and at 27.

Kallman decisive in the dying seconds

In the final minutes, Ciudad Real took advantage of Barça being one man short after Garabaya got sent off, and took the lead with goals from Entrerrios and Steffanson (30-28). Iker Romero brought hope to Barça alter pulling the score line back to 30-30. In the dying seconds it looked like there would be extra-time, but Kallman scored from a free throw and brought the King’s Cup to Ciudad Real.

Photos: JMB / ASOBAL
Photos: JMB / ASOBAL


Ciudad Real: Sterbik, Kallman (7), Urios (4), Metlicic (2), Rutenka (2) Zorman (2), Morros (-), Laen, Pajovic (1), Stefansson (6), García Parrondo (-), Entrerríos (5), Masachs (1), Dinart (1)

FC Barcelona: Losert, Noddesbo (1), Xepkin (-), Tomàs (2), Lozano (5), Nagy (3), Ugalde (-) Hvidt, García (3), Garabaya (-), Nenadic (-), Romero (10), Larholm (1), Rocas (5) 

Partials every 5 minuts:
 3-2 / 5-6 / 11-7 / 14-9 / 17-12 / 19-15 – half time – 19-16 / 21-21 / 23-23 / 25-25 / 27-26 / 31-30.

Referees: Breto León and Huelín Trillo

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