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05.04.2008 10:54

Kiel- FC Barcelona: Did you know...

Gustau Galvache

… Barça and Kiel have met four times in Germany and the azulgranas have yet to record a victory? Despite this, the Barça team are confident of putting on a good performance and winning.

… FC Barcelona and THW Kiel have met four times in European knock-out competitions? Barça have won three times and the Germans once.

… Barça have played in ten European Cup handball semi-finals and went on to the final on eight occasions?

… the only semi-final that Barça and Kiel have played in was in the 2000/01 season. Kiel won by four goals in Germany but Barça won by five in the Palau and qualified for the final.

.. FC Barcelona have come back from three, four and five goal deficits in Kiel with five goal victories on two occasions and, once, winning by six goals? Only once, in season 2001/02, in the final of the EHF Cup, were the azulgranas unable to come from seven goals down.

… FC Barcelona have two players who have played for Kiel: Demetrio Lozano and Andrei Xepkin? Lozano played for three seasons with the Germans and Andrei Xepkin played the final months of last season.

… Xepkin can boast being a European champion with both clubs? He has won the title six times with FC Barcelona and once with Kiel, the current champions.

… Demetrio Lozano, Kasper Hvdit and Albert Rocas will face the same opponents as last season? THW Kiel knocked out Portland San Antonio in the semi-final last season by a single goal, meaning the current Barça players missed out on the European Cup handball final.

… THW Kiel also have a player with an azulgrana past? Goalkeeper Mattias Andersson kept goal for Barça during the 2001/02 season.
Kiel- FC Barcelona: Did you know...
Nearing 8,000 goals in Europe
If FC Barcelona score 30 goals, they will have reached the landmark figure of 8,000 goals in European competitions.

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