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10.03.2008 22:19

Ademar strong against Barça (25-24)

Sònia de Alba

The handball side has lost in Leon against Ademar in a tense and even match from the outset. Iker Romero could have snatched a late equaliser but Mirko Alilovic was quick to intervene.

Barça were up against a powerful Ademar, with the Castilians unbeaten against any of the big Asobal teams this year. Despite the strange sensation of a Monday fixture, the local crowd turned out in force to enjoy a top game of handball.

Tense atmosphere

There has been a campaign among the Ademar board to provide black gloves in protest at the federation’s decision to hold the 22nd round of matches on a Monday. This overshadowed the return of Manolo Cadenas, although he was still welcomed back to applause. The home fans also took delight in booing Barça and Cadenas was forgotten once the action got under way.

Ademar go for it

Barça took the early initiative but Ademar never looked like they had lost control, with neither side taking a major lead in the first 20 minutes. Demetrio Lozano once again led the Barcelona attacks, while Nagy and Iker Romero were also scoring. By the break, Andrei Xepkin became the second player of the half to be sin binned.

Sarmiento, Krivochlikov, Aguinagalde and Laluska completed a 4-1 that gave Ademar the first two-point lead of the game (10-8).

But Cadenas’ side reacted immediately. Albert Rocas and Laszlo Nagy combined to hand Barça the half time lead at 11-13.

Alilovic, exceptional

In the second half we started seeing the best of Mirko Alilovic. The keeper had already caused problems for the Barça forwards in the first half, but as the game grew older, he just got better.

Ademar were also tight at the back. With the game still very even, Stranovsky started causing problems for Barça with his changes of zone, while Cadenas made a change in goal to rest a convincing Kasper Hvidt.
Nagy still looked solid up front, the Hungarian scoring five. Romero was also incisive, but Barça were failing to get any kind of command over their hosts.

Laluska started excelling with goals, the former Pick Szeged star leading the day’s scoring with eight, proving especially damaging in the last ten minutes.

Romero fires a blank

With the score at 25-23 thanks to a Laluska score, Noddesbo came on, as Ribera’s side continued to make life difficult for Barcelona. The Dane’s goal was hiss first of the game, and also turned out to be the last with two minutes left.

Barça went all out for the win but each attack was foiled by Alilovic. Ademar called a time out and then Cadenas did likewise as things stayed at 25-24. Demetrio Lozano tried, and then Romero but Alilovic intervened on both occasions to thwart the Blaugrana.

Barça thus remain on 37 points with other results still to come in.
Ademar strong against Barça (25-24)

Ademar: Alilovic, Valcic (-), Laluska (8), Sarmiento (5), Krivochlykov (2), Aguirrezabalaga (2), Stranovsky (4) – starting seven – Saric, Ruesga (-), Castresana (1), Aguinagalde (2), Costa (-), Urdiales (2), Sigurdsson (-)

FC Barcelona: Hvidt, Noddesbo (1), Juanín (1), Lozano (5), Romero (7, 3p), Nagy (5), Rocas (3, 1p) – starting seven – Losert, Garabaya (-), Fernández (-), Larholm (1), Xepkin (-)

Periods: 3-3, 4-4, 6-6, 7-7, 10-9, 11-13 (break) 13-13, 15-16, 19-18, 21-21, 24-23, 25-24

Referees: Monge and Guge Ruego

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