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First game for Segovia (2-3)

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10.06.2011 23:14

First game for Segovia (2-3)

Llorenç Tarrés

Caja Segovia have won the opening game in the Division de Honor final with an unexpected win at the Palau. Barça Alusport tried everything and almost tied the game in a gripping finale.

First game for Segovia (2-3)

Match details


FC Barcelona Alusport (0+2): Paco Sedano, Jordi Torras, Lin, Saad (1), Fernandão (1) -starting five-, Javi Rodríguez, Carlos, Igor, Sepe, Èric Martel, Ari Santos i Cristian.

Caja Segovia (2+1): Cidão, Sergio Lozano, Esquerdinha (1), Geison, Antoñito (1)- starting five -, David, Matías, Tobe, Borja (1), Daniel, Sergio i Alberto.

Goals: 0-1, Borja (7'); 0-2, Esquerdinha (14'); 0-3, Antoñito (28'); 1-3, Saad (36'); 2-3, Fernandão (38');

Referees: Peña Díaz i Peña Gómez. Yellows for Barcelona’s Jordi Torras, Javi Rodríguez and Ari Santos and Segovia’s Sergio Lozano and Esquerdinha.

Venue: Palau Blaugrana (4,577 spectators).

Many has expected this would be a tighter final than Caja Segovia, playing the underdog role, had made out. And such was the case as the visitors stormed into a convincing lead, which Barça almost managed to cut down in the dying minutes.

Palau on song

2011-06-11_FCB_ALUSPORT_-_CAJA_SEGOVIA_FS_015.jpgYesterday the Palau Blaugrana had got behind Regal Barça and today it was the turn of Barça Alusport. There were five thousand there, who watched in disbelief as their side went 3-0 down at home to a fast, young and hard-working rival. So intense was the game that despite constant rotations, it took seven minutes for either of the goalkeepers to be called into play. But Barça just didn’t look comfortable on the ball, and eventually went behind after Borja broke free on the counter and slipped the ball through Sedano’s legs.

Squandered chances

The goal served to awaken Barça Aluspot, and what followed was a period of pressure in which chance after chance went begging. The equaliser looked inevitable, and it was totally against the run of play that Esquerdinha made it 2-0 to the visitors. Infuriated, Barça continued to pile on the pressure, but there was no further scoring before the break.

Barça don’t give up

The Palau was on good voice and seemed convinced that the Catalans had it in them to turn the game around, but despite further chances, Segovia always looked dangerous. And so it was that, again despite FCB being by far the dominant side, Antoñito managed to convert an Esquerdinha assist to make it 3-0 and as good as settle the result.

Sergio Lozano missed a double penalty that would have made it 4-0 shortly after Marc Carmona had decided it was time to go for the rush goalie option. And Barcelona finally managed to open their account through Saad, but by this stage there were only four minutes to go. There was still hope of a miracle, and Fernandão then rounded off a terrific team move to make it 3-2. And Barça then very nearly tied the match. Cidão saved a golden opportunity for Fernandão and then FCB were denied what looked an obvious double penalty for a foul on Javi Roríguez in the final seconds. Barça Alusport came out of this empty handed, but did show that they are a team that will never give up until the final whistle blows.

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