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The best of the Palau and Barça Alusport (6-1)

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23.01.2011 18:34

The best of the Palau and Barça Alusport (6-1)

Llorenç Tarrés

The futsal team are back on top of the league after a deserved win over El Pozo, who they quite simply played off the pitch.

Marc Carmona gave a lesson in indoor football as they collected three important league points in front of more than 5,700 people at the Palau. They showed that they are form aspirants to the league title after a day El Pozo.

Jordi Torras opens the scoring

2011-01-23_FCB_ALUSPORT_-_EL_POZO_MURCIA_006.jpgBarça Alusport only took 13 seconds to provisionally regain top spot in the league from Fisiomedia Manacor with a Jordi Torras volley from a corner. El Pozo were caught napping and the early goal completely knocked the wind out of them. Barça Alusport made them pay for their folly, and had visiting keeper Raúl not produced a string of quality saves.

Great defending

El Pozo gradually emerged from their slumber to create the occasional danger, but the Barça backs were rarely tested, while Javi Rodríguez and Carlos looked far more effective at the spearhead of the FCB attack.

Psychological goal

2011-01-23_FCB_ALUSPORT_-_EL_POZO_MURCIA_024.jpgIt looked like the 1-0 scoreline would hold until the break, but then a Saad counter was tapped away by Wilde to make it 2-0 right on the buzzer. El Pozo failed to produce a convincing response in the second half, and midfield errors were giving Barça planet of opportunities to extend their lead, which finally happened through.

Barça festival

2011-01-23_FCB_ALUSPORT_-_EL_POZO_MURCIA_015.jpgWith 12 minutes left, the Murcians opted to use a rush goalie, and paid the price for their gamble. Barça Alusport caught them time and again on the counter, and Jordi Torras soon made it four. The game was over, and El Pozo again made uncharacteristic mistakes, but did manage to pull one back through Álvaro. But 4-1 soon became 6-1 as Cristian and Jordi Torras scored to make it six. The crowd celebrated with a Mexican wave, as El Pozo were drowned out by the Barça Alusport tsunami.
The best of the Palau and Barça Alusport (6-1)

FC Barcelona Alusport (2+4):
Cristian (1), Jordi Torras (3), Chico, Javi Rodríguez (1), Wilde (1) –starting five–, Fernandão, Saad, Carlos, Lin, Igor, Sepe and Paco Sedano.

El Pozo Múrcia (0+1): Raúl, Saúl, Barroso, Mauricio, De Bail – starting five –, Jesús García, Álvaro (1), Dani Salgado, Vinicius, Kike, Álex and Marimón.

Goals: 1-0, Jordi Torras, min 1; 2-0, Wilde, min 20; 3-0, Javi Rodríguez, min 27; 4-0, Jordi Torras, min 28; 4-1, Álvaro, min 30; 5-1, Cristian, min 36 and 6-1, Jordi Torras, min 36.

Referees: Sanzol Goñi and Urdanoz Apexteguia. Yellows for home players Jordi Torras and Javi Rodríguez and visitors Álvaro and De Bail.

Venue: Palau Blaugrana (5,724 spectators).

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