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26.10.2008 19:05

Back with a comfortable win (5-2)

Cristina Collado

FC Barcelona has restarted the League in the best possible way, hammering Pinto in front of their own fans. Fernandao scored four to continue his fine goal scoring form.

Barça were expecting a tough return to the League, partly because they’d been missing four players at the World Cup, and secondly because the visitors were Pinto, a newly promoted side which is already impressing with its attacking game. Yet in the end the Catalans ran out winners by 5-2.

Game livens up after 7th minute

QM3D9919.jpgPinto came looking for all three points and set out their stall early on, attacking and controlling possession of the ball but unable to create any real chances. Barça had the same problems in the first few minutes as well.

Then in the 7th minute things livened up as Saad de Asís got the first shot of the game on target only to see it turned away by keeper Fabio. In the next move, José Carlos had two chances to score only to be denied by Paco Sedano. The Barça keeper then spotted Fernandao alone in the opposition area but his pass was intercepted.

Saad scores

Justo Cáceres and Jordi Sánchez both sent shots narrowly wide before Saad Asís opened the scoring. The Brazilian stole the ball in the centre of the court and sped through on goal to send a shot past Fabio. A minute later Fernandao put Chico in but he was unable to convert.

Pinto’s most dangerous player, José Carlos, had a one-on-one with Sedano but failed to score.

Three from Fernandao

Just before half-time the referee blew for a foul on Javi Rodríguez on the edge of the area. In a rehearsed move the captain put in Fernandao at the back post and he calmly scored Barça’s second.

QM3D0008.jpgJust like in the first half, the second began with Pinto controlling the ball and Barça keeping them out. After four minutes Fernandao had the first chance with a shot from the edge of the area before scoring his second after spinning on sixpence in the area. Just one minute later he found the net again with a shot into the top corner.

Finishing it off

With 8:57 to go in the game, Kikillo became the keeper/outfield player and with an extra man Pinto pulled one back through José Carlos. Yet sixty seconds later Barça once again stretched their lead with a goal by Fernandao who swiftly followed it with his fifth on a counterattack. Pinto still fought to the end and Retamar made the final score 5-2.
Back with a comfortable win (5-2)

FC Barcelona: Paco Sedano, Chico, Javi Rodríguez, Jordi Sánchez and Fernandao –starting five - Rafa Muñoz, PC, Juan Carlos López, Saad, Justo Cáceres.

Tien 21 P. Millenium Pinto: Fabio, Merino, Raúl Campos, Matamoros and Hugo starting five - Contreras, José Carlos, Luís, Kikillo, Retamar.

Goals: 1-0, Saad (15'); 2-0, Fernandao (19'); 3-0, Fernandao (28'); 4-0, Fernandao (29'); 4-1, José Carlos (33'); 5-1, Fernandao (34'); 5-2, Retamar (37')

Referees: Castro Borges and Garcia Hernández.

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