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12.09.2008 22:31

The curse of the double penalty (4-3)


Double penalties were once again the undoing of Barça’s futsal team, who fought to the end against a spirited Autos Lobelle. The defeat comes before the League takes a one and a half month break.

Marc Carmona’s side was caught a little cold at the Multiusos Fontes Do Sar, although Lobelle largely failed to take full advantage of Barça’s shortcomings. Eka opened the scoring on twelve minutes, and shortly after Fernandao pulled things back – about the only positive note for Barça after a poor first half.

Two goals from 10 meters

In the second half, the Barça we know and love was back, and that despite César latching onto a poor clearance to put the home side back into the lead. Barça, unfazed, vastly improved both in defence and attack, and enjoyed the lion’s share of the second half possession.

But FC Barcelona were to succumb once again to the curse of the double penalties. Six minutes from the end the six foul was blown (too strictly in the opinion of the Barça bench) and Carlinhos converted from 10 metres, and a minute later, from a free kick, the same player scored his second of the night.

Rush goalie

With the score at 4-1, Chico took the role of rush goalkeeper. Barça dealt with the situation brilliantly, and created five or six clear-cut chances, but only converted two of them, through Justo Cáceres (36) and Javi Rodríguez (39).

And they could have tied the match with just ten seconds left on the clock, but Saad’s angled drive skimmed off the post defended by Mendiola.

The defeat comes as FC Barcelona bid a temporary farewell to the División de Honor, which takes a break until October 25. Marc Carmona’s side are now seventh in the table.
The curse of the double penalty (4-3)

Autos Lobelle: Mendiola, Carlinhos, Rubi, Alemao and Letao –starting five–, Aicardo, Palmas, César, Manu, David, Eka.

FC Barcelona: Paco Sedano, Chico, Javi Rodríguez, Saad and Fernandao – starting five –, PC, J. C. López, Justo Cáceres, Jordi Sánchez.

Goals: 1-0, Eka (12’); 1-1, Fernandao (14’); 2-1, César (21’); 3-1, Carlinhos (34’); Carlinhos (35’); 4-2, Justo Cáceres (36’); 4-3, Javi Rodríguez (39’).

Referees: Gallo Suárez and Velasco Martínez.

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