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20.02.2009 22:38

Morale boost (1-4)

Cristina Collado

Barça Mobicat had a comfortable 1-4 win over Futsal Cartagena, and go second in the table with 43 points. This will give them a morale boost before their upcoming cup tie.

After having spent two games without a win, Barça Mobicat have beaten Futsal Cartagena away, boosting their morale for their mid-week cup tie in Granada. Barça Mobicat go second in the table with 43 points, but they will be looking to what third placed El Pozo Murcia (on 40 points) manage this Saturday in Lugo

Javi opens score-line

fotospropias_20090220_220848.jpgCartagena’s leading goal-scorer had put Barça keeper to the test early on in the game, but it was Barça Mobicat’s captain Javi Rodríguez who opened the score-line with a fantastic goal from a great individual move.

Igor and Saad Assis also had great goal chances, and Barça Mobicat dominated the play. Whilst Futsal Cartagena also came close, especially with two efforts from Celso, the score stayed at 0-1 till the break.

Sending-off and goal

fotospropias_20090220_220827.jpgThe next goal came in the first minute of resumed play, scored by Fernando. Now with 25 goals, he becomes equal lead-scorer in the championship along with Wilde.

After Cartagena’s Esquerdinha was sent off for a second yellow card, Barça Mobicat made the most of their numerical advantage, and Jordi Sánchez got the third after the resulting free-kick.

Final nerves

fotospropias_20090220_220940.jpgCartagena went for a five-man attack with five minutes to go and Párraga got one back for them, but it was down to Carlos Muñoz to finalise the result with a shot from his own half into an empty goal.
Morale boost (1-4)
Match stats

Futsal Cartagena: Sergio Gama, Sergio Lozano, De Bail, Cobeta and Párraga – starting five -, Javi Matía, Celso, Fran Amorós and Esquerdinha

FCB Mobicat: Cristian, PC, Javi Rodríguez, Saad and Fernandao – starting five -, Chico, Carlos, Igor and Jordi Sánchez

Goals: 0-1, Javi Rodríguez (5’); 0-2, Fernandao (21’); 0-3, Jordi Sánchez (31’); 1-3, Párraga (35’); 1-4, Carlos (37’)

Referees: Cuesta Sánchez and García Moron

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