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27.10.2007 18:16

Comeback worth three points (4-2)

Cristina Collado

Barça Senseit stay near the top of the Division of Honour after beating Leis Pontevedra in the Palau. Carmona’s team came back after being behind 0-2.

Barça Senseit came back bravely against from the 28th minute onwards, when they were 0-2 behind. The two penalties that Dani Fernández put away raised the Azulgranas’ spirits, and thanks to Rafa Muñoz and Dani again, they went on to win 4-2 and stay second in the league a point behind Pozo.

Ronaldinho in the stand

qm3d9799.jpgThe big news wasn’t only the return of Rafa Muñoz and Pedrinho, but also Ronaldinho’s presence in the stand. Brazilians love of indoor football is well-known, and many players, including Ronaldinho, started out there. The Brazilian forward had already come to a few games last season in the Palau Blaugrana. Making the most of playing on Sunday in Camp Nou, Ronaldinho couldn’t resist a game of ‘futsal'.

Goalkeeper-player before half-time

qm3d9856.jpgThe match started slowly. Whilst Barça Senseit had a lot of possession, they weren’t as strong in attack as usual. Javi, hitting the post from a long shot in the third minute, had the best chance while Barça had problems finishing. Pedrinho had one of the best chances, when a powerful shot just skimmed the post. PC and Igor also had good chances.

While Barça Senseit didn’t get the chances they usually have, neither did Leis Pontevedra. Tomás de Dios brought on Pitu as goalkeeper-player, hoping to go ahead in the score-line before half-time, but it ended 0-0.

Leis grow

qm3d9858.jpgAfter the re-start, Barça Senseit looked stronger. Igor had a great chance with a shot from out on the right, and Fran also had a near miss. When the Azulagranas were at their best, Leis’s first goal arrived, scored by Rafita. Then, Pitu came back on to repeat the 5 against 4, and that’s how the second goal arrived. After a counter attack, Wagner made it 0-2. The Azulgranas looked temporarily shaken, and Leis, who continued with a goalkeeper-player, had another good chance.

Once again, Dani and10 metres

But Dani Fernández came back, netting two penalties. Leis sixth foul gave Barça the chance to pull back, and Dani didn’t fail. Three minutes later, a foul by Leis gave Barça another penalty, which Dani netted after the referee had made him re-take it. Dani now has a hat-trick of double penalties.

A minute later, Rafa Muñoz, back after being out through injury for two weeks, scored the third. Then, Dani failed to score from his third penalty, but netted the ball on the rebound from the goalkeeper, making it Barça’s fourth and final goal.
Comeback worth three points (4-2)

FC Barcelona Senseit: Paco Sedano, PC, Javi Rodríguez, Fran i Igor –starting five-, Justo Cáceres, J. C. López, Rafa Muñóz and Pedrinho

Leis Pontevedra: Chenli, David, Pitu, Carlos Alberto i Wagner –startnig five-, Rafita, David Souto, Rober, Juan Puertas, Vega

Goals: 0-1, Rafita (26’); 0-2, Wagner (28’); 1-2, Dani (30’); 2-2, Dani (33’); 3-2, Rafa Muñoz (34'); 4-2, Dani (38')

Referees: Herrero Ramos and Rubio Fajardo

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