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02.05.2008 22:29

Qualified for the play-offs (2-6)

Cristina Collado / Ver˛nica DÝez

Barša Senseit have qualified for the league play-offs after beating Armi˝ana Valencia by 2 - 6. The azulgranas have finished in sixth place and so avoid Interviu and Pozo in their first play-off game.

Benicarlˇ Onda Urbana will be the first opponents for Marc Carmona’s side in the play-offs of the National Indoor Football League after they beat Armi˝ana Valencia away. Barcelona fought tooth and nail to win the game and the final moments of the match were played with maximum intensity as the score lay at 2-3. The option of player/goalkeeper for the home side made things a little easier for FC Barcelona Senseit who made the most of the situation to score the goals that gave them a resounding win.

Neither side dominating

The first five minutes passed with neither side clearly dominating, though Barša were more attack minded. Chico had the first shot in Barša’s first attack but the shot was blocked by the keeper. Fernandao had a shot that brushed the right-hand post of Otero’s goal. Armi˝ana also had their chances but it was after four minutes of play, when Fali sent his shot over the bar. The first shot between the posts arrived a minute later with a shot by Passarinho.

Home side go ahead

Igor’s entry gave Barša’s attack more speed. The Brazilian caused danger down the right side on three consecutive occasions. From one of these runs came the first goal … but not for Barša Senseit but Armi˝ana. Keeper Otero saved Igor’s shot and quickly put the ball into play to set up a counter attack which finished with Kiko making it 1-0 after eight minutes.

Upper hand at half time

armixana.jpgThe equaliser came three minutes later from Chico, who scored from the edge of the area. Armi˝ana Valencia pushed forward and tested the Catalan defence and goal. Simi shot narrowly wide after a great individual build-up and Sergio forced Paco Sedano into conceding a corner with a powerful shot. These were two of Valencia’s best chances.

For Barša, Chico tried his luck again, this time with a shot from distance which didn’t trouble the keeper. Fernandao had more luck later and put Barša in front for the first time three minutes before the break. But the chances didn’t stop for the home team and they pushed on with great support from their fans. Jordi forced Paco Sedano to stretch to save an equaliser and later had to clear his lines at the post. With little more than two minutes to go to half time, Barša Senseit committed their fifth foul but got to the break without committing a sixth.


armixana_2.jpgBarša started the second half well. They hadn’t yet played two minutes when Fernandao shot from an impossible angle but found the top corner to silence the home supporters. But they were roused again two minutes later when Simi pulled things back to 2-3.

Five minutes in to the second half Igor shot at goal and thought he had scored, but the referees thought otherwise. As Igor was about to celebrate his ‘goal’, the Valencians went on the counter and almost scored themselves. Recovered from this scare, the azulgranas went back on the offensive.

Nerves and tension to the end

As the minutes passed, both teams became more aggressive in all aspects of their play. Armi˝ana Valencia took more risks and strengthened their attack. Kiko, Sergio, Jordi and Simi stood out for the home team.

Barša, on the other hand, preferred to defend their goal and wait for the counter attack. With the score at 2-3, and the clock running out both Catalans and Valencians had to try one more roll of the dice. Igor made it 2-4 and allowed the away team to relax a bit. He dribbled round the keeper and crossed the ball into the net.

With five minutes remaining, Armi˝ana Valencia opted for player/goalkeeper and this opened things up for Barša. Fran Serrano and Chico each scored in the final moments. The Catalans could relax with their place in the play-offs assured.

Qualified for the play-offs (2-6)

Armi˝ana Valencia: Otero, ┴lex, Fali, J.Sßnchez, Simi, cinco inicial, Crispi, Kiko, Sergio, Mßrquez, Jordi and Passarinho.

FCB Senseit: Sedano, PC, Chico, Javi RodrÝguez, Fernandao, cinco inicial, Fran Serrano, Dani Fernßndez, Igor and Pedrinho.

Goals: 1-0, Kiko (min.8); 1-1, Chico (min.11); 1-2, Fernandao (min.17); 1-3, Fernandao (min.22); 2-3, Simi (min.24); 2-4, Igor (min.38); 2-5, Fran Serrano (min.39); 2-6, Chico (min.40).

Referees: Cuesta Sßnchez and GarcÝa Moron.

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