Primera reunió de la Comissió Esportiva

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Youth football

15.07.2010 20:25

First meeting of the Sports Commission

Jaume Marcet

Jordi Mestre has met with the directors of the club’s Sports Commission to set the guidelines for the future. The man in charge of youth football has explained how things will work for those with institutional responsibilities in said area.

Jordi Mestre outlined a series of basic points that establish the new ways in which the Sports Commission will operate.

Basic directives

2010-07-15_REUNION_FUTBOL_FORMATIVO_012.jpgThe directors on the Sports Commission will have to observe certain obligations and standards when representing youth teams both at home and away.

Mestre wanted to make it clear how the representatives responsibilities differ to those of the coaching staff, whose decisions relate far more directly to sorting issues.

Among other things, the Sports Commission’s members will have to ensure that all staff behave properly both on and off the pitch, will have to act austerely on away trips and there is a need to establish good relations will all other clubs and to adapt to the varying conditions of different home sides.

President wants humility

2010-07-15_REUNION_FUTBOL_FORMATIVO_007.jpgPresident Sandro Rosell also appeared in Sala Paris to direct a short speech to the members of the Sports Commission who had gathered to listen to Jordi Mestre.

Rosell welcomed them to their posts and explained that there are two basic institutional premises to be observed: “you represent Barça and we mustn’t be arrogant, we have to be humble, that is non negotiable”.
Photos: Àlex Caparrós-FCB.
Photos: Àlex Caparrós-FCB.
Definition of functions
Jordi Mestre, along with coordinators Pau Vilanova and David Bellver and secretary Ernest Llirinàs defined the different directors’ work by groups (benjamins, alevins, infantils.)

Each group will have to be coordinated to ensure that every match is attended by a member of the Sports Commission.

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