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Vázquez, one more season

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21.06.2011 16:44

Vázquez, one more season

Carles Cascante

FC Barcelona and Fran Vázquez have agreed to extend the player’s contract by one further season. This will be the centre’s sixth year with the club.

He originally signed for Barça in 2006/07 for four seasons, but that then became five, and it was revealed today that the Palau will continue to enjoy his spectacular talents for a further twelve months.

Intimidation and slam-dunks

2010-12-21_FERRAN_DUENxAS_11.JPGOne area where Vázquez has developed in his time at FC Barcelona is in the intimidation of opponents both defensively and offensively.

In defence, Vázquez has the all-time Barcelona record for blocks, with 297, even bettering the legendary Roberto Dueñas (266). This, along with his capacity for grabbing rebounds, has made Vázquez a true nightmare for opposing offences.

The Galician is also renowned for his spectacular slam-dunks. Fans have lost count of the number of FCB attacks that have been rounded off with a dramatic alley-hoop from Vazquez.

Titles and honours

Fran Vázquez has won ten titles in the Barcelona vest. One Euroleague (09/10), two ACB leagues (08/09 and 10/11), three Copas del Rey (06/07, 09/10 and 10/11), two ACB Supercups (09/10 and 10/11 ) and two Catalan leagues (09/10 and 10/11).

On an individual level he was named in the ACB all-star team for 2008/09 and holds the record for the most blocks in an ACB game, 12. He did that on January 7, 2007, against Valladolid.

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