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"I hope we see the best of Pete Mickeal next season”

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20.06.2011 13:25

"I hope we see the best of Pete Mickeal next season”

Oriol Bonsoms / Carles Cascante

After seven months out with a variety of injuries and illnesses, Pete Mickeal is looking forward to coming back and giving his best again next season.

“I hope we see the best of Pete Mickeal next season”

Ricky in the NBA
"I think his future in the NBA will be even better than in the ACB, It’s a different type of basketball over there, but I think Ricky’s style will be well suited. He’s the kind of player who likes to counter attack and he’ll have more options over there. I am convinced that he’ll do even better over there”.
After seven months of hard work. Mickeal is at last beginning to see the rewards for all the patience he’s shown: “I’m feeling very good now. This Club has a great history, great players, great coaches and I love the city itself too. I’m hoping we see the best Pete Mickeal next season. It’ll be tough for the team, coming off winning the League, Cup, Super Cup and the Lliga Catalana it’ll all be more difficult”.

Difficult season

"It’s been a very difficult season. Just as fish need water, so I need basketball to survive. It’s been really tough for me, but I’m back, I feel recovered and I hope I can help the team next season”.

"All the injury problems the team have had, it hasn’t affected us. We are as one –we are a great team with a lot of history. That’s enough for us”.


"For me, Xavi Pascual is the best coach in the world. Why? Why is he different? He has to be the leader, but he’s also a guy you can trust. He’s very young, but every time I’ve trained with him he has known exactly what he wanted from me and that is why I’ve always played hard for him. It’s important for a player to have a coach who has blind faith in him and vice versa”.

Winning mentality

"The team didn’t have me the season before , I’m not talking about myself as a great player , but rather about my mentality when we go into tough games. The team, the defence –these details are basic to become Champions. On a personal level, I think I can lift the level of the training. I don’t mean to say that we would have won more if I’d played, but we might have had more opportunities, because of the way I feel about defence and particularly the passion I feel and the way I know when the moment for winning is here”.

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