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26.11.2009 23:04

Leaders satisfied


The Barša players were naturally delighted after a road win at one of the strongest teams in the Euroleague.

19 points from Boniface Ndong and 12 from Navarro were just the icing on the cake for Regal Barša who are the only side that can boast a 5-0 record in their group.

Xavi Pascual, coach of Regal FC Barcelona

“I think we went out well both in offence and defence. We stuck to the script we had planned.”

GYI0059015566.jpg“Montepaschi is one of the hardest teams to defend against and we stopped the ball from circulating. We were intelligent and worked out who was generating the play.”

“We were very complete in defence and well placed positionally.”

“We moved the ball around well and knew how to read their defence.”

“We managed to build up some good leads and they were only able to respond with individual plays. So we’re very satisfied.”

“We had prepared for the hardest game so far on the hardest court we have played at so far.”

“It is important for somebody to step forward each day with something to offer. Today it was Boniface Ndong who came off well in pick and roll plays. He had a great game and scored well in the time he got, which was limited because of accumulated fouls.”

Boniface Ndong

“We prepared well for this one because it was so important for qualification. We worked hard all week and managed to keep our concentration for 40 minutes.”

“It was a team effort. Everyone, from first to last, worked hard.”

“It was a nice game because Montepaschi fought hard and we only broke away at the end. That could have happened at any time, and we are happy with the way things worked out.”

“We wanted to win by as many points as we could.”

“I don’t know if it was my best ever score in the Euroleague. I was lucky towards the end, but it was all about hard work and doing things right.”

Juan Carlos Navarro

“We played excellently. We prepared well, concentrated for 40 minutes and against a very strong side.”

“Anyone who knows their basketball knows that Montepaschi is a good team. They didn’t get into their rhythm but we did. I am happy with the work rate. But it’s a long week, and now we have to get ready again for Saturday.”

“Each game is different. We all wanted to win here for the first time in quite a while.”
Photos: Getty Images
Photos: Getty Images
From Siena to Malaga
On Friday at 08.00 the team will be heading for Malaga. Tiredness could be their biggest enemy when they face Unicaja: “The team is physically solid but this will logically be quite tiring. We had a tough game and now we have a 3 and a half hour flight. We will be leaving at 8.00 tomorrow to get a good connection, so there isn’t much time for rest. We won’t have much time for training there. It’s a tough situation but we’ll just have to adapt” said Pascual, adding that “playing two games in less than 48 hours is madness.”

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