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01.11.2009 14:40

ôIt's important to win without playing well"


Regal Barša won their fourth game of the ACB season at the tough home of Estudiantes. Although the performance wasn't perhaps as brilliant as some of late, the team showed that they could also win without playing at their best.

Both the players and the coaches had warned this would be a tough game and Xavi Pascual expressed his satisfaction with the result after the game. The only negative point was the injuries to Basile and Navarro.

"It was tough game and I'm happy with the result. We knew it could turn out like that”.

"We were not too sharp in the first and second quarters in defence”.

"It was not a very open game and small details were always going to be decisive”.

"When we played badly in the Canaries, we lost – it's important to win without playing well”.

"These are the kind of games that make a difference in ending up at the top of the table”.

"We don't always have a bad time playing away from home. It's certainly true that we find it more complicated playing on the road, but we did really well against Xacobeo and Fenerbahše".
ôIt's important to win without playing well“
Basile and Navarro injuries
Asked about the injuries to his two players, Xavi Pascual admitted that even though tests were still needed: “it doesn't look good”.

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