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24.09.2009 19:30

The new arrivals

Carles Cascante

Regal FC Barcelona's four international players trained with the team for the first time on Thursday as Navarro, Rubio, Lakovic and Lorbek all enjoyed their first session back.

2009-09-24_ENTRENAMIENTO_REGAL_FCB_021.JPGWith nearly the whole squad present in the Palau the practice session was lively as three of the returning stars were welcomed back having arrived after Juan Carlos Navarro, who arrived half an hour beforehand and spent time speaking to the kit man, masseuses, medical staff and all the coaches. Before training the head of the basketball section, Josep Cubells, met each member of the squad.

Lakovic picks up Lorbek

2009-09-24_ENTRENAMIENTO_REGAL_FCB_002.JPGJaka Lakovic arrived with the other Slovenian in the squad, Erazam Lorbek, with the former CSKA Moscow player landing in Barcelona on the same day. Once at teh arena, Lorbek began to look around and familiarise himself with the Palau. But it was not all totally new as he has played in the home of his new side for Rome side Lottomatica in 2007-08.

Photo opportunity

After a month back at work, Xavi Pascual was at last able to work with the five new signings for the 2009-10 campaign. The expectation from the media was clear as a large group gathered to take photos and see stars such as Ricky Rubio and Erazem Lorbek.
The new arrivals
Out of action
Lakovic has reported for duty with Barcelona with a slight strain in his left ankle. The Barša number 10 was unable to undergo the tests prepared by Doctor Gil Rodas. He will be monitored over the next couple of days with a view towards being able to play on Saturday.

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