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02.09.2009 14:36

"I will give everything for this team"

Cristina Collado / Jordi Clos

Ricky Rubio has held his first interview as a Regal Barça players with Barça TV and www.fcbarcelona.cat and he declared that he was excited by the challenge that lies ahead.

- At last the negotiations between the NBA, DKV Joventut and Regal Barça produced something. Are you happy with how it turned out?

"The truth is that it was tough, but in the end we have found a solution and I have joiend a great team, both in Spain as well as European, and now I want to enjoy it."

- How have you felt throughout this long process as many things were said about which club you wanted to go to and what was the reality and how did you reach the decision to join Barça?

"When the season finished I intended to go to the NBA. I was chosen as number fine in the draft and was very pleased, but I was unable to have the chance to go to the NBA. I tried to, but in the end it was not to be and now I have joined a great club where I expect to win things."

- The saga about you moving went on all summer. At only 18 how have you coped?

2009-09-01_FIRMA_CONTRATO_RICKY_RUBIO_017.JPG"You only feel pride when all these big clubs want to sign you, but it is difficult to do things without knowing what your future will be. Then the national team games came along and I was able to focus on that, but not knowing what was happening made things very complicated."

- Were you pleased about being called into the EuroBasket squad to go to Poland?

"Yes. Sergio Scariolo talked to me and they helped me a lot, the coaching staff as much as the players because they saw that I was nervous and the truth is that I was."

- The door to the NBA has not closed just because you have signed for Barça because in two seasons you could again negotiate a move to the United States. Does that excite you?

"It is a trill to know that I could go to the NBA, but now I am only thinking about Regal Barça and will give everything to the team."

- Speaking briefly about Joventut. Was it difficult to negotiate a move to their rivals?

"You would have to ask that to those involved in the talks, especially Joan Creus our Director of Basketball and Joventut. I think it is normal that things are different when there is a rivalry, but at the time of holding talks you must not think about who your are talking to."

- Have you maintained good relations with Joventut?

fzue9251.jpg"I spent some great years there and have left a lot of friends, but I would like to think that I have maintained a good relationship. I do not think that all ties have been cut and although I have not said goodbye to everyone, I have done that to a few people and they have given me their support."

- How do you feel about being the most expensive signing in history. Does that add pressure? Do you think that you can achieve something special at Barça?

"I would not have valued myself at such an amount, but if others do that must mean they have faith in me and all I can do is try to repay that on the court."

- You have the experience to handle the pressure as you made you debut in the Liga ACB aged just 14 years, 11 months and 24 days. How was that for you?

"When everyone says that I have put up with great pressure I do not look at it like that. When you go out on court you forget how old you are and only focus on what is around you and on scoring baskets and winning."

- The Palau is an arena you know well from playing as an opponent. What do you think of it?

"It is always difficult to play there on the away team. Now I will find out what it is like to be on the home side and I think it will be incredible because of the great atmosphere."

- Speaking about what you will bring to the team, the Director of Basketball Joan Creus said that you will complement the position of guard. Do you think that is right or will a space between Víctor Sada and Jaka Lakovic have to be found?

"When I signed and spoke to Joan he said that he felt that all three guards could compliment each other well and that we can all play an equal number of minutes."

- What do you like most: assisting or winning balls?

"Both things. I like things to be exciting. The faster the game the better and more entertaining it is. The fans are entertained when their are lots of breakaways."

- With you signing it is clear that Regal Barça are aiming for everything. Personally, what are you aiming for?

"To improve each year. To improve in all aspects. I will train as much as I can and away from the team I want to be better and then to help the side to achieve things and win trophies."

- With you and the other new arrivals, such as Ndong, Pete Mickeal, Terence Morris and Erazem Lorbek is entertainment guaranteed?

2009-09-01_FIRMA_CONTRATO_RICKY_RUBIO_031.JPG"I think the team looks very exciting. Now we have to show that on the court and prove ourselves because a great team like Barça has signed us. I think that a new era is beginning now for me and for these players at a club where we have to pressure to win, but the team to be able to do just that."

- Have you already spoken to some of your new team-mates?

"I have talked to Juan Carlos Navarro when we were with the national team and he supported me a lot. But it was not just because we were on the same team but also because of the situation. He helped me a lot and I thank him for that."

- Have you spoken with Xavi Pascual?

"No. I have talked to him a couple of times, but not since I joined Barça. I suppose I will talk to him on Wednesday."
“I will give everything for this team“

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