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01.09.2009 21:06

Regal Barša shirt on sale soon


Joan Laporta has confirmed that the new Regal FC Barcelona jersey will go on sale soon as he attended the presentation of the club's new star player Ricky Rubio.

2009-09-01_FIRMA_CONTRATO_RICKY_RUBIO_024.JPGAs well as praising the new arrival, the Blaugrana president was keen to state that the shirt that the basketball side will wear during the 2009-10 campaign will shortly be available to members and fans. On Rubio he stated: "He is a person that everyone likes and he has a special charm. His personality makes him a great asset for marketing too;" he said.

Impressive reaction

"The signing of Ricky has lifted everyone because the reaction to his arrival has been great," Laporta continued. "That can clearly be seen by the number of journalists here today."

In demand

Laporta then confirmed that he has spoken with Nike to accelerate the arrival of the new basketball shirts. "Things have been set in motion because there are a huge number of requests for it," he explained.
Regal Barša shirt on sale soon
All areas
The head of Barša's basketball section Josep Cubells believes that the signing of Ricky Rubio shows the club's commitment to all the sports. "We have invested in a project that last season already bore fruit," he stated. "With Ricky the club has made a great effort to build on that."

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