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01.09.2009 21:30

Ricky: “I am here to win titles”

Roger Bogunyà

Ricky Rubio is at Barça. The star from Masnou arrives at Barça with the desire to win everything, and to continue improving as a player. A smile on his face, he thanked everybody for the hard work that has gone into making the transfer a reality.

When Ricky Rubio took the microphone in his well attended press conference, he had his speech well marked out. He didn’t want to go to the USA, he wanted to play for Barça. “My priority was to go to the NBA but given that it was impossible for the Minnesota Timberwolves to may get out clause, I wanted to stay at home. And when Barça contacted my agents, I said OK.”

Titles, titles, titles

2009-09-01_FIRMA_CONTRATO_RICKY_RUBIO_020.JPGThe 19 year old point guard said he was delighted to get the chance to play in the Palau Blaugrana and is clear about his ambitions. “I want to win titles”, he proclaimed, and then explained himself further. “We have to take things game by game. First I want to win the Catalan League and then the other titles. I haven’t won the ACB or the Euroleague, and that says it all”.

Ricky Rubio, explained that he picked Regal Barça because “it is one of the best clubs in Europe” and one that will give him the chance to compete at the top level and “be able to grow as a player”.

Thanks to La Penya

2009-09-01_FIRMA_CONTRATO_RICKY_RUBIO_028.JPGRicky Rubio’s transfer means he is leaving the place he grew up at, the Olímpic in Badalona. He couldn’t deny that it was a difficult decision that won’t have gone down well in Badalona: “I want to thank the fans of La Penya for the way they have always treated me. But things with La Penya got too messed up. Now I don’t suppose they will see the move in a very good light, because I’ve joined a direct rival”.

But Ricky believes Badalona should see the positive side of his transfer. “La Penya can use the money they got for me and I think they should be grateful for that”. He feels that the extra money can help DKV put together a fine roster.

Laporta: “One of the most important operations in the ACB”

2009-09-01_FIRMA_CONTRATO_RICKY_RUBIO_016.JPGThe deal between Barça and La Penya has been set at around 3.5 million euros. Laporta, who was at the press conference, along with the director for the basketball section Josep Cubells and technical secretary Joan Creus, described it as “one of the most important operations in the history of the ACB”.

The Barça president said that this investment had not meant stretching things too far and that it was money well spent. “We have a good sporting rivalry with La Penya, and also on an institutional level, and I am so glad that the money is going to a Catalan club and a president who will make good use of it”.
Ricky: “I am here to win titles”
“I asked Lubos for number 9”
Asked what number he will wear at Regal Barça, Ricky Rubio said he’d love to wear the nine that served him so well in Badalona. “I have sent a message to Lubos (Barton) to see if he’ll let me have number 9” he said. The Czech player, seriously injured, is the man who currently dons that number in Xavi Pascual’s side.

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