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18.08.2009 14:10

Lorbek signs for Barša


Erazem Lorbek (25 years old, 2.09 m.) has joined Barša to cover the departure of David Andersen. Lorbek, who spent last season with CSKA Moscow, has signed a three-year deal with an option to leave for the NBA at the end of the second year.

2009-08-17_FICHAJE_ERAZEM_LORBEK_004.JPGLorbek has been brought in to replace David Andersen and curiously both players were with CSKA Moscow before coming to Barcelona. However, the Slovenian star spent just one – successful – season with the Russians while Andersen was there for four years. Lorbek is a class act who will bring plenty of quality to Barša’s inside game.

Joins up with Lakovic

2009-08-17_REVISION_MEDICA_ERAZEM_LORBEK_005.JPGLorbek, who is currently preparing for EuroBasket, which will take place in Poland from 7th to 20th September, will team up at Regal Barša with his fellow countryman Jaka Lakovic. The presence of Lakovic, apart from the sporting possibilities of the Barša squad, helped Lorbek to make up his mind to accept FC Barcelona’s offer.

Lorbek (21/02/1984) is an important component of the Slovenian team and, together with others such as Smodis and Lakovic himself, has already played a few friendlies in preparation for EuroBasket. Against Russia he scored 24 and 15 points respectively. On 20th August he will come up against another of his new team-mates, Juan Carlos Navarro.
Lorbek signs for Barša

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