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08.05.2010 14:58

Xavi Pascual predicts” a great final”

Sònia de Alba (enviada especial)

Regal Barca coach Xavi Pascual is focussed on Sunday’s final and has put the euphoria of Friday’s win behind him as he prepares the team to meet Olympiacos. Pascual reckons it’ll be a great game and that” there can be no greater motivation”.

In a joint press conference with Pete Mikeal, Olympiacos coach Giannakis and the Greek team’s leader Papaloukas, Pascual demanded that his players: “play with stability and patience, without getting caught up in the excitement of a final”.

Olympiacos have spent a lot of money on building a team to get to the final and Pascual believes that means “we’re in for one of the great finals” and that managing the pressure will be key to victory.


2010-05-08_RP_FINAL_FINAL_FOUR_2010_017.jpgThe coach praised the effort Olympiacos put in to beat Partizan and stressed: “there can be no bigger motivation ahead of a game than this. We mustn’t worry about what happens if we lose, we just want it to get started now. This is a great historic opportunity for us”.

“Both teams come here with the same hopes and after a great season. In our case, we have lost very few games and overcome some very tricky situations”, Pascual also commented on Olympiakos’ “extraordinary physical ability. They are great at rebounds and have a great attacking capability”.

Mickeal congratulates Greeks

2010-05-08_RP_FINAL_FINAL_FOUR_2010_014.jpgFor his part, Mikeal reminded the media that Barca “knew how hard it is to play against Partizan” and congratulated the Greeks on their win on Friday. “We will have to repeat the great defence we showed against CSKA and work hard for every ball on Sunday. Every play will be difficult - this is a Final Four and the two best teams in Europe are playing”.
Xavi Pascual predicts” a great final”

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Memories of 1997
It’s the second final between Barca and Olympiacos after 1997’s 73.58 win for the Greek team in which the American David Rivers scored a massive 26 points and the Barca coach revealed: “I remember the feeling coming back from that defeat and I hope the fans don’t have to live through it again”.

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