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18.06.2009 22:07

Champions after another stunning display! (90-77)

Jordi Clos

Regal Barça have won the ACB League after beating TAU Vitoria 90-77 in game four of the final series. Navarro (19), Andersen (18), Vázquez (18) and Basile (17) proved unstoppable.

The ACB League has a winner, and it’s Regal Barça. The basketball team has added to this wonderful year at the club by ending a run of five years without winning the Spanish title. By winning 90-77, Barça clinched the best-of-five series 3-1.

The Palau was in vociferous form as TAU, who were behind from the start, were seen off in spectacular fashion. Regal Barça just looked so much fresher than their opponents, and dominated from start to finish, never losing their concentration and being brutally effective with three pointers.

Navarro (19), Andersen (18), Vázquez (18) and Basile (17) were once again the most inspired performers. But like the other games in the final series and indeed all season, it was the collective spirit of the team in general that really shone through.

Great start

Regal Barça stormed off to a powerful start. The throwing was nigh on perfect, the defending was intense and the rebounds were won in dominant fashion. The only downside was the number of fouls committed, especially by the inside players. It was very much a repeat of the first periods of the previous encounters between the Catalan and Basque sides at the Palau, with the home fans adding to the dynamic as Barça flew into command on the scoreboard. Fran Vázquez was on stellar form (8 points in the first ten minutes), as the first period concluded at 27-18.

Navarro breaks the game

Although some of their players weren’t 100% fit, TAU seemed to work out how to hold back Barça’s offence in the second period, and the gap started closing. Prigioni’s quality and experience became more apparent, but they were unable to check Ivanovic’s players for long. Some magnificent play from David Andersen and Navarro, who broke the game with two trademark three pointers (39-26) meant Barça went in at the break with a ten point lead, 43-33.

Tau fight back

After the restart, the tension increased following Mickeal’s incomprehensible punch on Grimau. That fired up the Palau, and Andersen continued with his exhibition in all areas of the court as his side went into an even bigger lead of 17 points (60-43). It looked like both the game and the championship were over with 14 minutes still to play, but even so, against a side like TAU, you can never afford to take anything for granted. Indeed, Vidal and San Emeterio started inspiring their team-mates into renewed self-belief, and the visitors began crawling back into it (63-54). It was only on the basis of free throws that Regal Barça were able to end the third period with their convincing lead intact (71-60).


TAU came back to within eight (80-72), and the end of the game involved exchanges of fouls, whereupon like so often in the past, Juan Carlos Navarro assumed the leadership role and guided his team to its fifteenth league championship. The final minutes were a mere formality, by now TAU knew they were beaten and the Palau could start celebrating. The league championship party was under way!
Champions after another stunning display! (90-77)
Match stats
Regal FCB, 90
TAU, 77

Regal FCB (27+16+28+19): Lakovic (5), Navarro (19), Basile (17), Andersen (18), Santiago (0) –starting five-, Sada (4), Vázquez (18), Grimau (9), Ilyasova (0), Trias (0).

TAU (18+15+27+17): Prigioni (13), Rakocevic (20), Vidal (7), Splitter (15) McDonald (2) - starting five - Teletovic (3), Mickeal (6), Lucas, San Emeterio (11)

Referees: Hierrezuelo, Arteaga and Redondo.

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