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11.06.2009 19:21

Barton out for six months


Lubos Barton had an operation today on his Achilles tendon, which he injured a week ago. The operation was a success, but the Czech basketball player will now be sidelined for six months.

Lubos Barton’s operation was performed at Barcelona Hospital by doctors Antoni Dalmau and Jordi Puigdellívol, starting at 13.00.

“Fortunately, the operation has been completed”, said Dalmau, who had given the go-ahead for surgery, having remarked on the importance of the injury. “It is a serious injury for a player because this is the strongest tendon in the body, and is essential, for example, for being able to stand on tiptoe”.

“This injury implies a recovery period of six months if all goes to plan”, said doctor Dalmau, before adding that they will need to take precautions before deciding when the Czech player can return to training.

Relaxed and aware of injury

The Regal Barça player didn’t seem any more nervous that anybody would before and after undergoing medical surgery. “It is the most important injury of his career and it’s normal for him to be a bit worried” said doctor Jordi Puigdellívol, who helped doctor Dalmau with the intervention.
Barton out for six months
In hospital until Saturday
Barton will stay in Barcelona Hospital at least until Saturday. “If there is no pain, he will be released from hospital on Saturday”, said Antoni Dalmau.

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