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30.12.2007 14:14

ViveMenorca win comfortably (85-68)

Sònia de Alba

AXA Barça have finished 2007 with a defeat in the Menorca Pavilion. The home team never allowed the azulgranas into the game. Points from their big players and a very active Mario Stojic closed the 15th round of matches in the ACB.

The game began with Alex Acker calling the shots. The north-American guard scored the first , and only, points that put Barça in front during the whole game. ViveMenorca reacted immediately. Mario Stojic, Marinovic and Moss had turned the result around after four minutes (8-5). From then until the end Ricard Casas’ side dominated the scoreline.

AXA Barça could only manage six more points in the first quarter which finished 18-11.

Amending the errors of the first quarter

But Ivanovic’s men appeared to come out for the second quarter with the correct attitude. Mario Kasun and Fran Vázquez were involved in some of Barça’s best plays. A Lakovic three-pointer put the score at 35-31 with only a minute to go to half-time. Order had returned to Barça’s game.

Stojic decides

The restart continued with Barca’s best moments. Kasun made it a difficult 37-35 for ViveMenorca. But just then the home side showed they didn’t want to complicate things for themselves any more. Mario Stojic put on five points without reply and a Paul Shirley three-pointer had the electronic scoreboard showing 46-37.

Then the azulgranas tried to correct things. But the Menorcans were too good. Despite a three-pointer from Basile (assisted by Pepe Sánchez) to make it 52-47 the Menorcan response was explosive. First Bazdaric and then Varda hit three-pointers themselves and Barça’s response withered.

Maximum difference

Although nothing ever seemed definitive, ViveMenorca had dealt a blow to AXA Barça’s morale. Bizarre shots by the home team started to go in while Barça were shooting without confidence. Stojic made it 70-56 but things were to get worse. Again Bazdaric and Varda increased the difference – 19 points with three minutes to go.

Barça’s final action saw Roger Grimau score five without reply. Casas quickly called a timeout and the game was over.

AXA Barça no longer head the table. Dusko Ivanovic’s men finish 2007 with 12 wins and 4 defeats.

Barça return to training tomorrow Monday. On Tuesday they head for Clermont-Ferrand as the Euroleague returns on 2 January 2008 with the game between Chorale Roanne and AXA FC Barcelona (20.30 C33).
ViveMenorca win comfortably (85-68)

Vive Menorca: Cazorla (2), Moss (9), Marinovic (12), Shirley (5), Stojic (18) – starting five - Fernández (9), Ivanov (-), Fernández (4), Varda (11), Guzmán (2), Mendiburu (-), Bazdaric (13)

AXA FCB: Basile (7), Lakovic (18), Vázquez (4), Acker (8), Kasun (8) – starting five - Sánchez (-), Trias (-), Marconato (7), Ilyasova (-), Moncasi (-), Grimau (16)

Quarters: 18-11; 19-20; 23-20; 25-17.

Referees: García Ortiz, Conde and Montserrat.

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