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20.12.2007 21:15

European year seen out with win (78-85)

S˛nia de Alba

AXA Barša have won at the Abdi Ipekši in Istanbul. They dominated the game and when it mattered most were clear about their ideas but made hard work of a game they could have won in far more convincing fashion.

Dusko Ivanovic’s 100th game in the Euroleague involved a second half very much like the first. Barša were well focused and now find themselves as good as qualified for the Top 16 and with a strong chance of topping the group. Panathinaikos, however, maintain a one win lead.

Barša played serious basketball, leaving Fenerbahše with very little to say. Bogdan Tanjevic’s side was startlingly poor in defence and Solomon showed their desperation with a second foul. Switching players around didn’t seem to help either and AXA twice led by six, first at 6-11 and later at 15-21.

Slip before the break

2007-12-20_basket002.jpgLike at the Palau Blaugrana, Fenerbahše Ulker reacted in the second period. James White, normally a defensive player, led the attack and despite ankle problems, bagged 12 points as the Turkish outfit edged their way back into the frame of things.

Ivanovic called a time out at 30-35, shortly after they had seen their ten point lead at 17-27 eaten away at considerably. It didn’t pay off, and Basak and Demirel made it 41-40, and it was only a Jaka Lakovic score on the double that allowed Barša to go in at the break as leaders (41-43).

Lakovic imposes his rhythm

The Slovenian was the heart and soul of the next period, as Barša started building up a considerable lead.

Lakovic scored a three pointer to make it 49-63, but the home side again reduced the deficit to 56-63, mainly thanks to a series of unforced errors by AXA Barša.

Final flurry

Mirsad Turkcan then unleashed all he had into the attack, and after scoring just 3 points in the first half, the Turkish passport holder claimed 15 in the second.

2007-12-20_basket003.jpgBut AXA Barša were moving further ahead, reaching a 14 point lead at one point, but mainly thanks to five consecutive points from Solomon, the Turks amazingly bounced right back to make it 75-76, and Barša sensed trouble. But two more triples from Lakovic and it looked like Barša had it sorted, as indeed they did, with two free throws to end, and the final score stood at 78-85.

AXA FC Barcelona are now 7-2 as the Euroleague goes into its Christmas break, returning on January 2 when Chorale Roanne are in Barcelona.
Photos: www.fenerbahce.org
Photos: www.fenerbahce.org

Fenerbahce Ulker: Solomon (6), Turkcan (18), Onan (3), Vidmar (4), Preldzic (3) –starting five- White (17), Basak (9), Kaan (-), Demirel (5), Mutaf (-), Savas (5), Asik (6)

AXA FC Barcelona: Basile (5), Trias (6), Marconato (-), Lakovic (22), Acker (11) – starting five - Sßnchez (8), Vßzquez (-), Ilyasova (8), Moncasi (-), Kasun (12), Grimau (13)

Period scores: 15-21, 26-22, 15-20, 22-22

Referees: Pitsilkas, Lefwerth and Ziemblicki

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