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01.11.2007 21:45

AXA Barça get better of Fenerbahçe (82-67)


AXA Barça have beaten Fenerbahçe Ülker (82-67) in round two of the Euroleague. Barça exploited their defensive superiority to make the most of a decisive third period.

In Dusko Ivanovic’s side’s first game at the Palau of the current European campaign, Barça posted a first rate team performance, especially in defence, to cancel out most of what the Turkish outfit was able to throw at them. Fenerbahçe still have yet to win a game at the Palau

Early domination

QM3D1323.jpgMario Kasun did not start due to respiratory problems but did appear later on in the match. The Croat played one of his best games of the season and, like the rest of the team, managed to perform at exactly the right moments.

AXA Barça took an early lead and generally seemed in control of the game, and went into the second quarter with a healthy 14 point lead. Ersan Yliasova made it 26-12 to close the first period against his fellow countrymen.

Critical moment

Into the second period and Fenerbahçe upped the ante, basing their play around Omer Onan, but with Turkish international Ibrahim Kutluay missing there was always something lacking in the visiting side’s play. Onan led the show, well supported by Solomon, and in the second period the difference was dramatically reduced to just two points at 44-42.

qm3d1507.jpgBarça reacted well to the Turkish comeback, with Pepe Sánchez opening up the play and Barça playing far tighter basketball. It was decisive stuff from Barça as they flew into a 16 point lead that Fenerbahçe never looked like recovering from. The game ended 82-67, and Barça are now 1-1 in their Euroleague group.

The downside of the evening was a hand injury to Sánchez in the final action of the game, after which he retired directly to the dressing room. However, despite the initial concern, the player later commented that the pain had eased off, and the chances are the injury is far less serious than first appeared.
AXA Barça get better of Fenerbahçe (82-67)


AXA Barça (26+18+15+23):
Trias (14), Marconato (10), Lakovic (13), Ilyasova (10), Morandais (5) – starting five- Basile (3), Sánchez (6), Vázquez (4), Acker (-), Kasun (6), Grimau (11)

Fenerbahce Ulker (13+23+16+15):
White (8), Solomon (19), Turkcan (9), Onan (12), Vidmar (-) – starting five - Erden (8), Kaan (-), Sava (6), Preldzic (5)

Referees: Voreadis, Viator and Sabetta.

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