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07.10.2007 14:32

A winning start (77-86)

Sònia de Alba

AXA FC Barcelona have started the ACB basketball season with a win. Valladolid pinned back Barça for most of the game but gave way in the closing four minutes.

The basketball team have made a promising start in the ACB league with a 77-86 win in Valladolid. However, Barça began slowly and trailed at the end of the first period by 22-16.

Behind for most of the game

Barça remained on the back foot for the next 36 minutes while Valladolid’s Joseph Gomis directed his team’s game excellently. For Barça, Jaka Lakovic tried to reply but received little support from his team-mates. Grupo Capitol Valladolid blocked every effort from the Barça players to take the lead, though there were some moments of tension when they came near to closing the gap.

After the break, AXA Barça made a renewed attempt to take control of the game with Lakovic, Trias and Basile all active. However, Valladolid again won the period (21-19).

Sooner or later, Barça’s refusal to buckle under had to bear fruit. Bud Eley, one of Valladolid’s key players, was eliminated, and Barça seized the opportunity to equalise the score at 69-69, thanks to a three-pointer from Lakovic. Jordi Trias then finished off the final counterattack of the game to make it 77-86.

Best personal score from Lakovic

Jaka Lakovic played 37 minutes 27 seconds and scored 29 points: 3 of 4 in field throws; 5 of 10 in three-pointers and 100% of his 8 free throws. He also captured 3 rebounds and made 4 assists. He secured a valuation of 35, his best personal score to date. His previous best was 28, against Murcia on 4th march 2007.

Third place

AXA Barça are in third place in the ACB table behind DKV Joventut and Granada, and ahead of Ricoh Manresa, Gran Canaria, Real Madrid, Estudiantes, Akasvayu and Polaris, who all won their opening league games.

A winning start (77-86)

Grupo Capitol Valladolid (22+23+21+11):
Gomis (32), Rodríguez (1), Santos (5), Boddicker (15), Eley (9) -starting five- De la Fuente (-), San Miguel (5), Evtimov (2), Corrales (-), Pavlidis (-), Yebra (8)

AXA FC Barcelona (16+22+19+29):
Basile (13), Trias (13), Marconato (2), Lakovic (29), Morandais (4) -starting five- Sánchez (8), Rabaseda (-), Vázquez (8), Djedovic (-), Yliasova (5), Moncasi (-), Kasun (4)

Referees: García, Bultó and Sacristán

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