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20.08.2007 14:09

First set of medical tests

Sònia de Alba

AXA Barça have started work for the 2007/08 season. The first day back was essentially focused on the traditional post-summer medical tests.

The 10 players called upon reported for work at 10.00 am. These were first team stars Pepe Sánchez, Fran Vázquez, Roger Grimau and Albert Moncasi, and five members of feeder club WTC Cornellà and the juniors, who will be joining the first team while some of the professionals are away preparing for the European Championship with their national squads. Following a blood test, the players were given a break for elevenses, although that was just the start of it. There were plenty more medical tests yet to come.

Pepe Sánchez here at last

frame2.JPGPepe Sánchez was the first on the list, and the doctors were impressed with his condition, as they seemed to be with all the players that went for inspection. The Argentinian sweated it out through the ergospirometry test, one of the toughest parts of what he described as “an intense morning.” He also spoke about his reasons for coming to Barça saying, “my contract was up at Unicaja and when the offer came in from Barça the decision was easy. It was a dream come true. I wanted to play for a top ranking club with the chance of winning major titles, which is what excites me most.” He and his wife are looking for an apartment somewhere in the city, but the player’s other priority is simply “to train ahead for the new season, which is going to be a tough one”.

Back to the routine

The team will now be undergoing double training sessions. “Things look good to me” said Roger Grimau. “The losses of Joan Carles and Rodrigo might hit hard because they have been here for so many years, but I think we have made a good team. I don’t know if we’ll be signing anybody else, but I am convinced that this is going to be a good season.”
The only player missing from the first part of squad to return was Alex Acker. The American guard will be arriving in Barcelona today and will take his medical tomorrow.
First set of medical tests

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All the tests
The players were subjected to an exhaustive set of different examinations. “We do anthropometric tests, echographies to check for old muscle and tendon injuries, and than apply echography, spirometry and ergospirometry (strength tests using gas control) and take analyses and biometries of movement (a podological test) and then the nutrition specialist makes a series of examinations too“ explained AXA Barça doctor Gil Rodas, who observed that the players have looked after themselves well this summer. Other complementary examinations were applied to Pepe Sánchez in order to obtain more precise details of his physical and medical condition.

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