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27.07.2007 12:03

Due˝asĺs number to be retired


The FC Barcelona board has decided to withdraw the number 12 shirt worn by basketballĺs Roberto Due˝as. The player, who has just retired from the game, will have his shirt displayed in the Palau Blaugrana.

Roberto Due˝as has left a proud legacy at FC Barcelona, where he played for ten seasons. In recognition of that, no player will ever wear his number 12 shirt again, as announced by board spokesman, Xavier Cambra, at a press conference.

A much loved player

The former centre has ended a 12 year career in professional basketball. He saw out his playing days at DKV Joventut, but it was at Barša that he really made his name, with six ACB Leagues and one Euroleague. He is respected here not just for his sporting contributions but also for being a wonderful person and the board has accepted the proposal made by the basketball section to honour him in this way.
Due˝asĺs number to be retired
Date to be decided
A special ceremony to celebrate the withdrawal of the emblematic shirt will be held on occasion of an AXA Barša match. But as the new fixture list has yet to be released, we will have to wait to know what day that will be.

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