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12.04.2008 21:49

Barça’s defence prevails (77-81)

Sònia de Alba

AXA Barça’s defensive changes nullified the threat posed by TAU during much of the match. The Catalans battled hard to win the game and have consolidated their hold on third spot in the ACB.

AXA FC Barcelona came back from being 13 points down near the start of the second period to overcome TAU by the end of the game. The Catalans worked hard and broke up TAU’s attacks through judicious use of defensive variations. Rebounds and teamwork provided an important victory in the ACB League.

Scare for Kasun

The game didn’t start well for Barça. Basile made it 0-2 but TAU were already putting on the screws and Teletovic scored the match’s first three pointer. The Bosnian ended up with 3/12 from outside the 6.25 line and got his team off to a fine start. Splitter coming onto court and the strength of Mickeal carried on the good work for TAU and left the score line standing at 24-15 at the end of the first period.

But worse was to come for Barça when Mario Kasun had to leave the court almost immediately after coming on. The pivot played for just 2 minutes and 23 seconds and then asked to be taken off as the soreness he has been suffering from reappeared. Kasun was accompanied to the dressing room and medical tests showed he was fine, though it was thought best for him to take no further part in the game.

Worst time for Barça

After Kasun went off AXA Barça lost their focus. Splitter, Vidal and Mickeal racked up a difference of 28-15, the biggest in the course of the game.

Zone and individual

But that score line was the turning point. Pascual used the chalkboard more than ever. Defence changeovers, switching from zone to man-to-man marking, put the brakes on the Basque side.

Basile and Fran Vázquez were the first to make an impression but it was a real team effort and Lakovic left the scoreboard reading 35-33 at half time.

Team performance

The game went entirely Barça’s way in the second half. The side’s compact defence stayed firm and the attack worked all by itself.

TAU started getting worried and resorted to taking long-range shots at the hoop, especially three pointers. Mistakes by the home side enabled Barça to win the rebounds (33 against 28 for TAU). With the scoreboard in their favour and the clock running down, Barça increasingly took control of the match.

Acker and Pepe Sánchez had outstanding games while Basile and Acker were top points scorers for the match alongside Splitter (13 points). Vázquez (12 points) and Lakovic (11 points) were the next highest scorers by some distance.

A three pointer from Pepe with 41 seconds to go before the end and three more free shots by the Argentinean kept the side on top. However TAU kept battling and ended up just four points adrift (77-81).

AXA Barça remain third in the ACB and now have two wins more than TAU. There are only four games left in the regular season.
Barça’s defence prevails (77-81)

TAU Ceràmica: Rakocevic (11), Planinic (6), Teletovic (11), Mickeal (12), McDonald (4) – starting five – Prigioni (6), Vidal (12), Fernández (-), Jasaitis (-), Singleton (2), Splitter (13)

AXA FC Barcelona: Basile (13), Lakovic (11), Vázquez (12), Ilyasova (4), Acker (13) – starting five – Sánchez (9), Trias (6), Marconato (6), Neal (-), Moncasi (-), Kasun (-), Grimau (7)

By quarters: 24-15 / 11-18 / 18-22 / 22-26

Referees: Arteaga, Murgui and Sánchez Montserrat.

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