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News article on: Roller Hockey

Two major roller hockey titles

Barça Sorli Discau managed to produce their finest roller hockey when it mattered most.

Moving on up

But with hard work and a professional attitude, Barça Sorli Discau evolved well, Staying faithful to their attacking style and the desire to entertain, yet keeping it tight and solid at the back, the side developed in the right direction as the games built up.

The OK Liga no longer had a play-off stage, so every match counted, yet they also had the European league to concentrate on. With a new Final Six format, Valdagno was where everything really started clicking into place. The group stages started with a draw, and Barça needed a huge win to make the grand final. And they got it, winning by an amazing 11-3.

With the adrenalin buzzing, Barça beat Roncato Patí Vic in the continental final. Despite beating Barça in both the Super Cup and the Copa del Rey, in the European final Vic were no match for an explosive Barça.

But there was more to come. Following European victory, it was back to the OK Llga, where healthy back-to-back wins against Reus, Vic and Liceo sent the Palau crazy. When Liceo fell to Reus, it meant FCB already had the title, and the game with Alcoi was a mere formality and a chance to celebrate the championship in front of their fans.

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