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Jordi Adroher

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News article on: 14 Jordi Adroher

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Name: Jordi Adroher i Mas
Position: Forward
Place of birth: Ribes de Freser (Girona)
Date: 22-11-1984
Height: 173 cm
Weight: 72 kg

Jordi Adroher

Jordi Adroher joined Barça Sorli Discau at the request of the coaching staff for an eighth outfield player. His youth will help to rejuvenate the squad.

Jordi Adroher, who was born in Ribes de Freser (Girona) on 22nd November 1984, joined the squad in order to compensate the spate of injuries suffered by the senior squad in recent seasons.

‘Adro’ is a left sided forward and will help to balance the Barça attack in front of Alberto Borregán and Sergi Panadero along with Carlos López.

The incorporation of Jordi Adroher, aged 24, will help to reduce the average age of the squad and provide a base for a future generation of established players.

Adroher started skating in his home town of Ribes de Freser but he really began to show what he could do at Maçanet, near the French border. He stayed there until his second junior year before moving on to Lloret where he continued to improve – he was still only 17.

After two season at Club Lloret, Ferran Pujalte, who was in his third season at Roncato Patí Vic, brought him in to strengthen a young squad that was making a name for itself in the OK League and in Europe.

‘Adro’ joined the Barça roller hockey senior squad for the 2009/10 season, although he had actually signed for the Club six seasons earlier but, following the policy of the section, was loaned out to Vic.


Jordi Adroher has excellent technique and a strong, accurate shot. Despite a number of injuries that have held back his career progress, he really showed what he could do in the 2008/09 season. He was the top scorer in the regular phase of the OK League and came within one goal of the leader in the overall total including the playoffs (Jordi Bargalló, of Liceo, scored 37 against Adroher’s 36).


Roncato Patí Vic

-1 Kings Cup (2009)
-1 European Cup runners up medal (F8) (2008/09)

FC Barcelona
-1 European Cup (2009/10)
-1 OK League (2009/10) 

Spain International

-2nd Nations Cup Montreux (2009)
-1 World Cup (2009)

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