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News article on: Roller hockey

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The three Intercontinental Cups
Although the trophy has not been consistently disputed for a number of reasons, FC Barcelona has won it on three occasions. The first time was in 1997/98, with Carlos Figueroa on the bench. The second was in Quim Paüls’s first season in 2005/06 and the third was in his last season as first team coach.

The first trophy of the season

After a gruelling 11 games in 12 days, Barça Sorli Discau won a convincing 3-1 victory against American champions Concepción of Argentina.

Despite the accumulated tiredness, the will to win is completely ingrained in the professional roller hockey squad and European champions Barça Sorli Discau powered their way to their third Intercontinental Cup against Concepción of Argentina.

The players coached by Quim Paüls made the supreme effort just 24 hours after losing the final of the Roller Hockey Club World Championship in Reus. Carlos López scored the only goal of the first half. The Argentines equalized just after the break but Barça’s quality was rewarded with a second goal a minute later. The final score was 3-1 and Alberto Borregán was able to lift the first trophy of the season.

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