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News article on: Roller hockey

Image associated to news article on:  Pamplona celebrates the Continental Cup
Support for Barça
The CERH choose Pamplona to organize this year’s Continental Cup, thereby killing two birds with one stone: it was a neutral territory and helped to encourage interest in the sport there.

Pamplona has its own 1st Division team - Portland San Antonio, the same as the handball club. Although in its infancy, the club has a loyal following. Apart from San Antonio another club, Oberena, organized the final, and gave Barça strong support throughout.

Pamplona celebrates the Continental Cup

The champions of the two European competitions met on neutral ground over 50 minutes to decide the Continental Cup. Barça beat Tenerife 3-1 to pick up the Club’s 16th Continental Cup.

The final against Cemex Tenerife, CERS champions from the previous season, was intense and hard fought but European league champions Barça Sorli Discau dominated the game to collect yet another piece of silverware.

Barça scored twice in the first half through Panadero and Borregán but Tenerife pulled one back early in the second half. However, the Barça captain scored a third to clinch the game in the closing minutes.

This is the Club’s 16th Continental Cup, 10 in the Super Cup format and 6 as the Continental Cup.

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