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Ángel Velasco Marugán 'Lin'

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News article on: 8 Lin

Image associated to news article on:  Ángel Velasco Marugán 'Lin'
Sports name: Lin
Position: flank
Place of birth: Segovia
Date of birth: 16th May 1986
Height: 170 cm
Weight: 60 kg
Shirt nº: 8

Ángel Velasco Marugán 'Lin'

Angel Velasco – known by his sports name of “Lin” - joins Barça with the reputation of being one of the most promising players in the Honour Division. He’s an all-round flank, electric in attack and hardworking in defence.

Lin, 24, has became one of the outstanding players in the league and, though his name is still not that well-known to the wider public, he is sure to thrill the fans in the Palau. His pace and ability to move the ball in the transition from defence to attack made him a key player for Segovia, where he played for the last five seasons. He’s signed for Barça until the 2013-14 season.

Lin made his Honour Division debut at the age of 18 with Boomerang Interviú, now Inter Movistar, where he played for a year on loan. He won the league and the Intercontinental, though he was very much on the fringes of the Madrid based squad. However, back with Segovia, his performances went from strength to strength and he has become one of the stars of the competition.

He’s a Spanish international and last season played 27 matches (13 in the starting line-up), scoring 12 goals. Goals are not his speciality but he makes a good contribution, especially at the second post and on the counterattack.


Rival defences shouldn’t be fooled by his boyish appearance - Angel Velasco is pure electricity, moves past his marker with ease and is very fast. In defence he is very hardworking.


2004/05: Boomerang Interviú (first and youth teams)
2005/10: Caja Segovia


Inter Movistar
2005: Intercontinental Cup
2005: League championship
2005: Club youth championship runners up medal

FC Barcelona
2011 League
2011 King Cup
2011 Spanish Cup
2010 Catalan Cup 

2010: European Championship Hungary

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