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Image associated to news article on:SENEGAL: THE MEMBERS’ SOLIDARITY PROJECT


Futbol Club Barcelona dedicates 0.7% of all of its ordinary income to its Foundation. That means that also 0.7% of the membership fees paid by the more than 155,000 club members are used to support the Foundation’s charity projects.

This year, and for the first time, all members that wish to state a preference can select the Foundation project that they would like to see supported by the 0.7% of their annual membership fees for the 2008 season.

The projects forming part of the International Network of Solidarity Centres (XICS) run by the FC Barcelona Foundation are in Senegal, Ecuador and India. The Foundation will be working on all three projects, but it will be the Senegal project that benefits from the €125.000 from the 0.7% of the annual membership fees.


Since last season, the Foundation has been developing its own programme which aims to create and consolidate an International Network of Solidarity Centres for Education and Sport (XICS). The Foundation will use these Solidarity Centres to provide the boys and girls in the greatest need with an ‘opportunity’ that they often lack, and to gain adequate access to education, health and protection, using the core element that we as a club understand the best: sport.

Xics Senegal Xics Ecuador Xics India

Finally, the voting for the project was shared in the following fashion:

XICS Senegal: 45%
XICS Ecuador: 32%
XICS India: 23%

Thank you for taking part.

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