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Six new supporters’ club’s placs

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22.02.2010 18:33

Six new supporters’ club’s placs

The placs of six FCB Supporters’ Clubs were unveiled on Saturday 20th February before the match against Racing.

2010-02-20_INAUGURACION_ESCUDOS_PB_008.jpgThe unveiling of the club plac at the Camp Nou is a very special moment for any Barça Supporters’ Club. It binds the supporters more closely to the Club and the plac becomes an object of pilgrimage every time the fans come to the stadium.
Six Supporters’ Club enjoyed this rare privilege last Saturday. The ceremony was presided over by the director responsible for the Social Commission, Elvira Pou.
The Supporters’ Clubs to be honoured were:
- Penya Barcelonista Districte XXVII, Barcelona
- Peña Barcelonista Ben-Hadus de Benahadux (Almeria)
- Peña Barcelonista Rincón de Ademuz (Valencia)
- Peña Barcelonista Valle del Kas, Vallecas (Madrid)
- Peña Barcelonista de Nueva Carteya Vicente Alcalá Viceo (Cordoba)
- Peña Barcelonista Gabriel López Solá, Saint-Juery (France)
Photo: Àlex Caparrós
Photo: Àlex Caparrós

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